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    At one time we had premium service and something happened to drop us back to individual upgrades (perhaps an issue with CC).

    At this time we’re paying more than $100 for minimal items, but don’t want to get charged another $99 for the upgrade to premium account.

    Is WP store smart enough to pro-rate or credit the amount when purchasing premium?



    The blog I need help with is



    The upgrades are per year. Did you perhaps forget to renew?


    Yep, I understand they’re annual. Account currently shows auto renew on domain, theme, and videopress upgrades. Not premium.

    Maybe there was a bad credit card on file and WP downgraded account to required services to keep blog unaffected.

    The question is whether the a la carte purchases that were recently renewed for over $100 can be pro-rated to the $99 premium service order.




    It’s not possible to refund the VideoPress and Premium Theme upgrade because it’s been purchased too long ago.

    Note that you were logged into a different account (other than ‘cecann’) when you purchased the Premium upgrade. If you want I can move the upgrade over to ‘cecann’.


    Hey Kardotim – appreciate the reply.
    Yes, go ahead and transfer to cecann so all the purchases can be consistent. Thank you.



    I’ve just moved the upgrade to ‘cecann’.

    Thank you.

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