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Re-inviting someone who has blocked invite emails in the past.

  1. How do I send an invitation to someone who has blocked invite emails in the past, but now is allowing them? She has fixed it from her end, but wordpress still won't send her a new invitation.
    Blog url:

  2. Staff will help you with this. I flagged the thread for their attention. You will have to provide specifics.

  3. Thank you. I am not sure what specifics you need, but this is what happened
    -I sent her an invitation to be an author.
    -She received the invite and accidently blocked it.
    -On the user page of my dashboard, I saw that she had blocked the invite so I called her.
    -She asked her husband to help her unblock the message and accept.
    -The acceptance never showed up on the user page
    -I tried to reinvite her but it won't go through.
    -Tonight she had her husband recheck and he claims she doesn't have invite emails blocked but
    -I cleared my cache and my cookies and reloaded the page and tried to send her a new invite email but I still get the message that she has blocked invite emails.

  4. I still need help with this.

  5. She'll need to go to!/read/subsettings/ first and uncheck "Block Emails."

  6. She did that. It still gives me the same message: Invitation not sent, the user has blocked invite emails.

  7. Would you please tell me the username or email address that you're referring to?

    As long as you post the email address in the standard format, it will be hidden from all but myself and fellow staff members.

  8. Her email is [email redacted]

    Thanks so much!

  9. Ok, the user should be able to receive invites now.

  10. It worked! Thank you!

  11. You're welcome!

  12. same issue with blocked invites to my email address, [email redacted]

    can you help?

  13. Could you unblock my email address too? We've tried everything else!
    Email: [email redacted]

  14. I haven't had a response to my request of 21 August (email [email redacted]) but the problem has not gone away - anything you can do please?

  15. Sorry, 29 August!

  16. Hi owentudor, you should be all set now.

    huntersgatherhere, I am contacting you by email to get more details about your issue ;-).

  17. I also need help with this same issue. When I click the forgot password button, my email is not accepted as a user account. So when I try to send an invite to that same email, it says invitation emails are blocked.

  18. p.s. my current account and the email that works is [email redacted]
    the one that does not work is [email redacted]

  19. Many thanks debeckett, that's worked fine!

  20. Hi apelfrey, I have sent you an email to get more details about your situation so that I can help ;-).

    owentudor, I'm glad to hear it's all working for you now ;-).

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