Re-mapping a Domain to a blog

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    I own a domain that I accidentally mapped to the wrong blog (I have 2 wordpress blogs). I changed the DNS settings back to the original ones so that the purchase wouldn’t go through.

    Now I want to remap the domain to the correct blog, but the domain is still mapped to the wrong blog. I have waited 3 days and it is still attached to the wrong blog even though it is not forwarding to the wrong blog. How can I remove it from the wrong blog and remap it?

    I hope that makes sense.



    I think I just fixed that for you?



    You star.

    Many thanks for your help!



    I need help too! I accidentally mapped my domain to the wrong blog and I simply want to repoint it to the correct blog name. I just paid $10. Will I have to pay again to remap?

    What are the steps to remap? I am using Network Solutions for my domain name. Thank you for giving me details.



    Old topic I know.

    I just wanted to clarify that if you contact support, we can help you move your domain from one blog to another (as long as they’re both yours :) ).

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