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    Haven’t been able to find an answer to this. If a person(user) has more than one blog, can they use a different theme on the second blog?

    Also, I know is an entirely different thing, but I was wondering if one knows if one has to have php/apache installed on their computer to use it. I noticed one theme I like seems to be in php.

    Thanks in Advance.



    Ohhh yes you can! ^____^

    See the navigation strip running along the top of your blog when you’re logged in?

    Mouse over ‘My Dashboards’ (and yes, if you have more than one blog and you signed up for them using the same username and password, then ‘Dashboard’ will be plural) and you’ll find a list of your blogs.

    To go and fiddle with XYZ blog, click on the link to XYZ blog under ‘My Dashboards’ and you’ll be able to customize/change the theme etc for that blog.

    I hope that helped!



    Yep, you can have any theme you like. If you have two blogs you can have two themes. You just set it on the dashboard for that particular blog.

    As far as goes, the whole application is written for PHP and MySQL so you will need both of those. I would suggest you get XAMPP which is free and a simple install. Don’t forget that if you install it on your own PC only YOU will be able to see the blog.

    To get wordpress away from that the whole world can see you will need to get hosting. All of this is covered in detail on the website.



    and no, you don’t need anything installed. you don’t need to look at any themes, because you can only use the themes that are in your dashboard.



    sunburntka-thanks for your input. Sorry that second question was a bit misleading … I was refering to .org, I was just curious as to how that worked. Seems a bit advanced for me at the moment.

    thanks ebonyivory … I will do that. That really helps.

    cornell, great information … I have my SQL available through my website hosting service. I don’t want to change, but I was going to just create a blog using php, and upload it to my website, as a learning project. I am completely self-taught here, so this is the next step in my process.



    Here‘s the listing of what you need to WP on a server elsewhere.

    Most themes are basically you just upload them, uncompress them, and then WP to use them. Takes about 30 seconds to install if that.

    All themes are written in php. You don’t have to know anything about php though to use them.



    Thanks drmike, I had seen that page before, but had forgotten about it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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