Re-name 'Blogroll' widget, and have two sections?

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    Hi there. I would like to feature two headings/sections on my blogroll. One where the links fall under ‘food’ and the other ‘art’. Is it possible to feature headings under the ‘blogroll’ title? The other option/idea was to ahve two blogrolls, but I can’t seem to re-name/re-title the word Blogroll. Is this possible? Many thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    Use links categories to organize your links. The blogroll/links widget will then list the links under those categories in the widget.



    Thank you! I added 2 new link categories called ‘ART/DESIGN’ and ‘FOOD’.
    Out of my 27 URL links (listed in ‘Blogroll’) I moved two to each of the new categories as a test (also leaving them under Blogroll). When I go to my blog, they are featured under blogroll as before – the new categories are not shown.
    I attempted listing a URL under ‘art’ only (not under ‘blogroll’ ), but that one didn’t show up at all when I went to my blog!
    Sorry, this is all new to me and quite perplexing. Can’t quite figure out how to have two groups of blogs listed under BLOGROLL, in 2 new categories. Thanks so much.



    In the links section of your Dashboard – divide your site links into two (or more) categories.

    Then use the Link Widget Twice – once each time for the different category – you will be able to choose which category when you put a Link Widget in the sidebar.


    Go to appearance > widgets, click on the right end of the links widget title bar in the sidebar and from the “category” pulldown, select “all links” and click save.


    Also make sure you take those links out of the “blogroll” category.



    That worked perfectly! Thanks so much.


    You are welcome.

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