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    I created a new account, and then deleted it because I realized I had an expired account which expired July, 2012. I wanted to keep my old account, which is why I deleted a new one. My question is, can I please be credit the $13 for the new account I deleted, for my pre-existing one?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    I didn’t see any upgrades associated with your username. Could you let me know what the old account was called, and what the new account was called? We’ll see if we can piece it all together :)



    Thank you!

    I have usernames: chisox5, admin (through Blue-host), (email redacted), (email redacted) all somehow mixed together! I really don’t know what happened. Now, when I come to and type in admin (blue-host) and my password, it won’t let me through. But then, it works when I go through blue host.

    Also, when I log into (email redacted) through the Blue-host webstie, I don’t get in – but I do with admin.

    Chisox5 seems to be gone, but I really am not sure…

    I will be happy to answer any questions you may have if you need verification on anything. Just trying to get everything straightened out!



    Your BlueHost blog is a self-hosted blog, entirely separate from You can’t log into it here.

    As for Chisox5, if you have lost access to that account, please visit and click “Need More Help?” if necessary.

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