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    Hi WordPress,

    Thanks for your great service.

    I know I now have several over 100 subscribers but every time someone new subscribes i’m still told “Congratulations. You now have 99 subscribers.” In other words, the number is staying at 99. What can I do to show the real number?

    Also, is there anything I can do to show the number of subscribers publicly?

    Thank you for your help.

    All the best,
    Luna Kadampa
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    I tried an update on your account, and now the number is showing up as 103 subscribers. Can you check your main stats page and let me know if that’s what you see as well now? Note that you may need to clear browser cache.

    There’s not a way to show the number of subscribers publicly, but that’s a good idea and I’ll forward that suggestion for you.



    Thank you so much for your swift reply and, yes, 104 subscribers are now showing up.

    On Blogger they have a way of showing “followers” that people seem to like, so having the equivalent on WordPress, # of subscribers, would be very helpful i think. Thank you for passing on the suggestion.

    all the best

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