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Re-Register Blog

  1. I registered a blog,, then it was accidentally deleted.I want to use this blog name, but cannot register it now as it says it is taken. However, no one has taken the name, as the domain simply says that the blog has been deleted.
    Please give me advice

  2. Sorry but neither you nor anyone else can have a deleted blog ever. See it for details

  3. Deleting a blog address ie. blog URL is forever gone and cannot be reused by anyone here at WordPress com. That's made clear in this support entry, in the 3 warnings received when deleting a blog, and in the email with the verificastion line to complete the deletion process.

    If you wish you can purchase a domain name and domain mapping upgrade for your blog. Then what the underlying subdomain URL is won't matter at all as all. Visitors will be seamlessly redirected to and only see your domain URLs and on the Admin side of your blog you see the subdomain URLs.

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