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re-sizing photos in proportion

  1. Hi.
    After uploading a photo I often want to re-size it, usually so it's smaller.
    Clicking on the photo shows the the little boxes you can use to drag the corners
    and sides of the photo around to re-size.
    In other software it is possible to grab the corners and re-size a photo
    and it stays in proportion, sometimes you might have to hold the Ctrl or Shift
    key down on the keyboard.
    But this isn't working here in WordPress.
    Is there a particular way of re-sizing a photo and keeping it in proportion?
    Many thanks !

  2. make sure you grab one of the corner anchors to resize it. That way it will keep the same aspect ratio.

    Good luck!

    edit: sorry, just reread your post, and you say you did grab a corner. That should work.

  3. I have no problems with grabbing the bottom right corner to resize the image in Firefox with proportions. Once again Safari has issue with this. Are you sending up the thumbnail or the full size image? Have you tried it with a different browser to compare?


  4. The corners should work. What browser are you using?

  5. I also had the same problem when I was using IE6 to edit my blogs. Resizing proportionally works find in FF2 however.

  6. In the TinyMCE popup box, you can sometimes type in a set width and the height will adjust itself. It didn't used to, but I have seen it happen now several times.

  7. Thanks for the replies.
    Unfortunately I'm extremely new to all this
    so my web/blogging skills are almost zero
    (though I have a high level of enthusiasm !)
    I don't understand the 'browser' idea
    though I will have a snoop (!) around and see if
    I can find this IE6 and change it to FF2.

  8. I upload my pictures to the free site -
    after you upload the image it gives you links for the original image and the resized image.
    The cool thing it makes the code for the blog as well :D

    You can take a look in my blog -
    (ignore the fact i'm writing in Hebrew :D )

  9. entomoagricola

    You can to use the free service of
    They have a firefox extension too.

  10. I have used Photobucket for years, but earlier this year they took to deleting images without notifying me, so I can't recommend them. If all of your images are such as would be viewed on a children's show that had no classical art component they should suit your needs, and they also do video hosting. Otherwise, be warned. They deleted my picture of the birth of Adam by Michaelangelo, because Adam's weener wasn't draped. And they've deleted images I've posted that I got from Wikipedia.

  11. @meshitravels - your browser is the piece of software you use to look at websites. Chances are you are using Internet Explorer (IE) version 6 or 7.

    IE6 has known issues with the post editor. If you have a different browser, you may be able to avoid the problems you're having. Firefox is an excellent browser that works well with the post editor on wordpress (i use it myself). You can download it at

    Good luck!

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