Re-tweet posts upon import?

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    Problem happened already – moving my WordPress blog to another URL I had ( –> it automatically re-tweeted every post I had originally shared through twitter. So, I had a ton of articles were tweeted without my intention or knowledge of it. I think there should be more warning that this might happen, and an easy way to opt-out of re-tweeting when importing from another
    Wordpress blog.

    Thanks –
    Tim Harvey
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    I have never heard of that happening before and I have tagged this thread for Staff attention. Thanks for the report.



    We’re sorry this happened. Do you happen to know if you connected Publicize (your sharing settings for Twitter) before you imported your blog posts?


    Not sure if I did on the blog I imported to (taharveyconsulting); I know I did on It did the same thing to my facebook page, which I know was connected to, and again I’m not sure if it was to I don’t think it was – but I hadn’t used that new URL since September 2011 or so.

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