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    I second mortenblaabjerg. We need featured images for categories NOW :)


    Is there a way to make the “About” the author of a post not show on each individual post?



    hi, i’d like to second joesimp’s question. the perfect trick would be to be able to make the title invisible, push the header image up and make it linkable to the homepage, like with other custom header wordpress themes. i also deleted the title, but I would prefer it to show in the browser tab instead of the link. is it difficult? is there any options we haven’t seen which makes this possible without messing with CSS?

    thanks in advance!
    for reference, url is


    @laurieskillern: Go to Users > My Profile, delete the text from the “About you” box, click Update Profile.

    And please paste the URL of your blog when asking questions here, or link your username to your blog (as explained in the Sticky 8 Things to Know Before Posting). We usually need that to give a relevant answer.

    @joesimp & explorish: Not possible without the paid CSS upgrade. And deleting the blog title is very bad for search engines.



    @panaghiotis – thanks for the response. any plans to introduce that option in a revamped theme version, or a similar one (or alternatively, magazine-style)? thanks.



    Hello there. We Volunteers answering questions on this forum have no idea which features or options may or may not be introduced by Staff. We do not have access to any information that all members do not also have. If you would like to pose your question to Staff then here’s the link for you.



    how can i make/add multiple?additional menus aside from my “HOME” and “ABOUT”? And also, I want every menu to have drop downs.thanks



    how can i make/add multiple?additional menus aside from my “HOME” and “ABOUT”? And also, I want every menu to have drop downs.

    This is the sample blog I’ve seen :

    In there, Aside from “HOME” and “About” she added”Menu” “Photo Gallery” “Special Deals and etc.. For every added Menu, there is a drop-down (in “Menu” ).

    I just want to know how she did this. thanks



    Go to Appearance>Menus. Add whatever pages/categories/custom links you want to the menu. To make drop down menus, make some of your pages/categories/custom links parents of other pages/categories/custom links. You can drag them around in the menu bar once you’ve added them.


    This support document is a little more detailed: .


    The example libidolikido linked to has pages only. For pages you don’t need a custom menu.


    Hello! I’m currently trying to put together this theme after using Cutline. I’m stumped on how to get rid of this space in the right sidebar. Anyone know what’s causing it and how I can make it go away? Thank you!!

    Site here:




    I’m trying to get rid of the black bar underneath the header?

    Can someone tell me how to do that? Ideally I’d like to get rid of it completely, but I could also just change the colour.

    I’ve looked through the CSS and the php code and I just can’t find what causes it.

    Any help would be great.



    If you have looked through the php then you are definitely posting to the wrong support forum. bloggers cannot access those files. Please post to http://wordpress.ORG/support/ to get support with your wordpress.ORG install.

    For clarity read this please >

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