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re Worm / Determining WordPress version

  1. Re the press release about a wom affecting WordPress versions prior to 2.8.4.

    How can I determine what version of WordPress I've got? How does one upgrade? And how does back-up before upgrading?

    Clearly, my tech skills are limited, if not altogether pitiful... Help, please!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can't help you here if you are independently-hosted. We need a link to your blog to determine where you are hosted. If you're hosted here at WordPress.COM you have nothing to worry about. If you are independently-hosted, you need to be at http://wordpress.ORG for support.

  3. Blogs hosted at are secure. The problem affects only self-hosted WordPress installs that are running an old insecure version. will usually report the WordPress version number.

  4. Thank you all! (though ismyblogworking actually didn't note the version...) I think I'm alright. I'll ask a techier friend in the morning to take a look to be sure. I'm also still a bit vague on the backup, which seems like a remarkably good idea...


    J.A. Ginsburg

  5. Read this, if you're independently-hosted and worried:

  6. imbw doesn't report a version number for your blog because it's hosted at

  7. Well there's good news! Still, in most of the news reports it seems they leave that critical little detail about hosting.

    Onto the back up issue, other than a periodic Time Machine back up for my computer in general, is there something I should be doing for my blog in particular? (

    Many thanks again...

    - j

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