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Reaction to New Dashboard 98% Negative

  1. indonesischblog

    re Wordcount, a quick forum search revealed that the WP team is aware of the fact that it's gone missing and they are working on it... so for me personally, everything is ok!

  2. OK - days later I am still trying to insert images from my gallery to the post without success. I've installed Adobe Flash Shockwave 9 as some suggest but still no luck. Why would there be 3 buttons for uploading and inserting images? This is so frustrating. I am very disappointed. Can anyone help please?

  3. It is much harder to to stuff with it. Such as uploading pictures... alot more confusing. I've
    gotten used to it. I still miss the old one...

  4. "oh, they will get use to it" well thats not the right attitude to take wordpress! You need to LISTEN to your users. Many people are not happy with this so-called upgrade and felt the previous version was more "user friendly". Perhaps what should have happened was some improvements to the older layout instead of scraping the whole thing for this new "mess" you left us with.

  5. fdiary,

    I got an email from a reader who said he accidentally typed the wrong source for a quote he wanted to share with my readers and wrote to ask if I could correct it for him.

    Hey, it happens. But I can't figure out how to open the comments to make a correction.

    This Dashboard sucks.

  6. a warning or a choice would have been nice. i came to write a post and everything looks different... with no explanation or help with where my old stuff went. poo.

  7. from the left,
    just click on the comment. it's been discussed already in the forums.

  8. I already wrote a post about this New Dashboard and frankly I think it's going to suffer the same fate as Bill Gates Vista.
    Like girlindreams I showed up all ready to click away and I thought the site had been hijacked! When I checked around I had to bite the bullet and try it. It took me the longest time to do something I normally do in a couple of minutes and even then there were some things I was not able to do!
    Frankly I prefer the old dashboard! I hope enough complaints are sent in to make that happen!

  9. Quite frankly, I consider the old WordPress dashboard one of the best web application interface out there. I don't see any need to change it. The new design is difficult to use, and makes the site looks like every other web2.0 sites out there. Where's the unique design that makes WordPress stands out?

    This is the first time I wish this is a beta testing and I can easily revert back.

    I was trying to upload some images and it keeps crashing. One successfully got uploaded but there wasn't any "Send to Editor" button in the Gallery. I would rather not touch other things until I orient myself with this new interface.

    Give me the old one back.

  10. You can get it at wordpress.ORG; it's free there too. you'll just need to host it yourself.

  11. <i>just click on the comment. it's been discussed already in the forums.</i>

    Thanks dissfunktional.

    Well, at least we've learned that editing comments is <b>not</b> available from the new Dashboard anymore.

    Not discussed in the forums.

  12. You can edit the comment in the dashboard by clicking on the user name or the icon at the top left of the comment. Hope that helps.

  13. Here are two from the front page you just came from (that you claimed are not there). I'm not doing anymore of the work for you; you're nasty, confrontational, rude and undeserving of help from other bloggers.

  14. WOW. All these people hate it . . . I love it- I like the look, the feel, everything. My Pages are screwed up but sounds like they are working on the bugs, so I'm cool. My husband is SO GLAD he can finally use Safari to blog. Thanks, WordPress!!

  15. I don't like the new dashboard either. Especially the widgets. They use to be easy to drag and drop and edit. Now, if you want to change or remove one, the left side of the widget text box is hidden and you can't see the Remove/Change buttons. I have to just backspace out all the text and then move the box to the bottom of the list. Silly. Go back. It was better before.

  16. I've gotta say that this "redesign" is a huge step in the wrong direction. Making the interface less intuitive is not the way to keep people happy. I'll be damned if I can figure out how to edit the time stamp on my posts now. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  17. As an April Fools joke it could have been funny. If this is reality it SUCKS. I just made my first post with the 'NEW DASHBOARD'. Had to make a change, guess what, no 'EDIT' button. View page button doesn't work.
    Wordpress was great. If we, the users of WordPress somehow pissed off the administration, let me apologize on behalf of everyone.
    Please, either fix it quick or give us back the old Dashboard until you get the bugs out of the new one.

  18. I don't like the new dashboard please go back to the old one.

  19. In a word, Ewwwwwwwww.

    The bugs are very frustrating, but I'm sure they'll be worked out in time. But even when they are, the dashboard isn't simple and intuitive anymore (a VERY big deal for us non-techies) and imo, not pleasing to the eye. Appreciate that you folks worked so hard to try and give us something better, but it just isn't an improvement. Sure wish we could have the old one back.

  20. GOOD things about the new dashboard: **The "new comment" notification **The "posts/pages/drafts/comments/etc" notification **Recent comments and incoming links listed at the top **Stats stuff on the main page

    BAD things about the new dashboard: **Low-contrast colors that make the layout hard to read **Too much stuff that makes the layout confusing **On Write page, the elimination of quick links to recent drafts **On Write page, elimination of the options to "Save" vs "Save and keep editing" (And what does "publish immediately" mean?) **Is there a new script on the Write page, or a new way of programming the edit window? Because the edit window doesn't seem to change sizes, allow for jumping around the text, or handle deletes as well.

    POINTLESS things about the new dashboard: **The notification of the number of widgets **"Your stuff" **On the Write page, the list of "manage" links in the right-hand column **In general, somebody seems to have taken a "more is better" approach to these pages. Instead, be like Google: straightforward and minimal. Also, the old navigational links were much more intuitive. "Link?" "Blogroll" was clearer. "Manage"? Manage what?

    Hope this helps. Bring back feed stats!

  21. PUH-leeeese bring back the old dashboard!!!! Man, oh man. I hate changes! And I had just gotten a smooth workflow going. Now when I upload my pics, they're small... I had it all worked out and resized to exactly the right specifications so my pictures would load BIG... I'm a pro-photographer, so that's important to me! When I select images now, it automatically crunches them (which mine don't need because I've already "crunched" before loading) and selecting "full-size" just gives me small, unimpressive images (even when I let the new site do my crunching for me). C'mon, guys. I don't need this right now!

  22. I just found something else I really like about the new version--when you set a post to publish in the future, in the dashboard list of pages, it now shows with info that says "set to publish in 4 hours."

    That is sweet!

    Seriously....give it a try, folks.

    (also, feed stats are still there, you just get to it a different way.)

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