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Read Joyce Carol Oates Blonde saw Marilyn with Williams.

  1. jessicawritesnow

    Read Joyce Carol Oates book Blonde about Monroe's life and saw the movie Marilyn last night. Oates and the movie's rendition of the icon blended her personality very well. Both agreed with each other. I can't help thinking an injustice still exists after all of this time towards Monroe. Blonde by Oates suggests Marilyn was murdered by Kennedy's private rat pack because she threatened to expose their very brief affair. Oates suggested that every one knew about her drug problem; esp. at night in order to sleep she hit herself over the head with a cocktail sledgehammer. Kennedy's men simply walked into her bedroom and injected a mess of substances into her heart with a nice fine needle that they took with them. She appeared to die of a heart attack, overdose, blah. She had no family to fight for her so people easily accepted this conclusion from the unpredictable actress.

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