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Read more for categories and archive?

  1. Hi guys,

    just me again with another question. I've been searching for it, but couldn't find anything so I thought I'd make a new topic about it.

    Is there a way to not have the entire post displayed when a visitor click categories or archive, but it instead has teh read more thing (don't know the proper term, soory!).

    Basically I'd like to give readers the option to easily see many of the post headers without them having to see the entire body of the posts as well.

    Or are there any other options?

  2. Short answer - It's theme dependant and it's up to the original designer when they designed the theme.

    Long answer just for reference - When a post is displayed, the actual post content is displayed by one of two different functions - the_content() or the_excerpt(). the_content displays the entire post while the_excerpt only displays a small portion of the post along with skipping any images as well and giving a link to the rest of the content. When a designer creates their theme, they can use either function that they want on the search and archives pages. In your case, they used the_excerpt. We can't change the theme files as they're shared and you would be changing them for everybody on the site.

  3. Cheers for the answer.

    Is there a list of what each theme does and doesn't do?

    Or is anyone able to point me in the direction of a theme that does it?

  4. Staff has asked us not to compile lists like that in the past. Unoffical answer was that they want folks to investagate the different themes and not just pick one off of a list. That's hasn't stopped folks from doing so though. (I forget who's doing the theme reviews)

    I'll be honest. I can't think of a theme that does what you want but I've not looked at the different themes since I settled on the ones I used. Maybe someone else can answer your question.

  5. Well, I'd appreciate if someone can think of one.

    But then again I spent quite a while getting my current one the way I wanted it, so I suppose it soen't matter as much.

    I can see where they're coming from with the experimenting, but it also was slightly annoying as my original theme didn't support sidebar widgets and it took me forever to figure out why the option wasn't there. (And now I feel stupid for sharing...)


  6. Which theme didn't support widgets? I thought they all did now...

  7. @drmike and carocat
    Its engtech who is doing the reviews
    I've been reading them but haven't seen anything like what carocat is asking for. P.S. I think it was "supposedly" clean that didn't have widgets.

  8. Well, the one I used originally was Fauna, but maybe I really just couldn't figure out how to get it to work, but I definitely know I had a lot less options than with my current theme.

    Timethief, thanks for the link.

  9. It's called "excerpt"

    and it's missing from the reviews at the moment.

    What I do is I manually add "read more" to all my posts that are longer than four paragraphs.

  10. I thought I recognised the thread title. ;)

    I haven't bothered with the "read more" yet, as I feel like I might be breaking something. Will have to look into it.

    Thanks. :)

  11. Sorry for the double post. Incase anyone is interested this works with the 'unsleepable' theme. The theme only displays an excerpt when selecting to view the archive or the categories. :)

  12. I think most of them do only display the excerpt upon searches and archives.

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