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"Read More" Tabs not working!?!? :(

  1. finalanimestop

    Hello there, I'm tired of having SUPER long posts and really want to make thngs a bit more elegant. I tried using the more tab once...then twice, and 4 more times. To no avail, nothing is happening at all. I even put in the "</div>" before it to see if there was something I was missing. This is really getting on my nerves...can someone help me please???

    The blog I need help with is

  2. can we have a ling to your wordpress.COM blog?

  3. finalanimestop

    oh yeah, i'm so dumb -_-''

    WordPress Blog with the issue:

  4. @finalanimestop
    Are you really using the More tag? I cannot find it anywhere in the source code of your blog posts.

  5. We need a direct link to a particular post where you've used it, starting with http.

  6. finalanimestop

    Jeez I'm so dumb, I was looking @ the ACTUAL post, and not the homepage with the thanks lol I apologize.

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