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Read More tag not working?

  1. I can't seem to get the Read More tag to work. Have tried entering it on both visual and text pages and have checked by publishing the pages. The break is not appearing. Sometimes there's some white space added but no "Read more" text appears and the post continues as before. I'm really puzzled because I've used this feature before, even customizing its content, and never had a problem.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Figured it out. Sorry to have bothered.

  3. Hi! I am struggling with the same problem. Can you please explain, how you solved it? Thanks!

  4. You insert the Read More tag wherever you want it in your post by clicking on the appropriate icon above the editing window (3rd from the right, top row). That will put a line in your text showing where the break will be. When you preview the post, the break will NOT show. (That's the part that kept confusing me.) And when you publish the post, it will NOT show on the post page. It only shows on the front page of your blog after you've published the post.

  5. Thank you for the answer! It is a pity though that it does not display "read more" on the post page (my article is quite long and I wanted to put several "read more" tags inside the post)...

  6. A long post can be divided into multiple pages using page breaks. I did it with my posts about Tom Clancy. You don't get a "Read more" note at the bottom; instead, you get page numbers. That was a while back, however, and I don't recall how I did it. You may just have to manually insert the code <!--nextpage--> in your text editor, wherever you want page breaks to occur.

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