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'Read my subscriptions' displays weird and very wide.

  1. The 'read my subscriptions' page suddenly started to diplay very wacky. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Here is a screen shot of what I see when I click read my subscriptions.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. First off, what browser and browser version are you using?

    Have you tried logging out of wordpress, clearing your browser cache and cookies, restarting your browser and then trying again?

    Also, have you tried a different browser to see if it is browser related?

  3. I had the same thing with Freshly Pressed today

  4. And subscriptions - I just checked - will try your suggestion TSP

  5. Didn't fix it for me - IE8 problem only maybe? Lifewith4cats shows IE and so am I

  6. I dont think it is a browser problem because the display problem is so specific to these pages only. Yes im IE8 and I dont want to switch to Mozila. This happened so suddenly. Its difficult to stay on top of my blog reading when The page goes all funny like that.
    Has anyone ever seen this happen before? I did check to make sure I was updated with windows update.

  7. Yes I have seen stuff like this happen before and so have other Volunteers. is on continuous roll out and code is being adjusted continually as upgrades and fixes are applied. Staff could be working on features in the background and anomalies can occur. When they do members post to the forum. Then we Volunteers tell them to log out force clear their browser caches and cookies and log in again or try another browser. That usually works for some. After time passes the Staff complete whatever they have been doing and most problems usually clear up. If they don't clear up members report them to Staff and they do the fixing as Volunteers don't have backend access to blogs.

  8. I did all the tips except for instaling a new browser. Thats a little too much as at my level of (in)experience it would just stir up more problems. Mozila may be better but IE is still the most popular and Ide like to keep it. WordPress does a great job at handling the back end of things. Thank you.

  9. <blockquote. but IE is still the most popular</blockquote.
    Governments & schools and other institutions have IE and will not allow their users to upload other browsers. IE6 was dog and Microsoft no longer supports it. IE7 has issues and IE8 is okay but IE 9 is not ready for prime time. The browser that works best with wordpress is the one stated in the support documentation - Firefox. Also did you know that IE has not been the most used ore most popular browser for years now? In the month of March 2011 42.2% of those surfing the internet are using Firefox. See here for the stats >

  10. A few months back, I tried to switch on advise of the good peeps here. I didnt know that Firefox and Mozila were two different browsers. I ended up with mozila and had heaps of problems. In fact talking about this problem in the forum I think was how I first met you and @bats.

  11. Thanks I answer a lot of questions but I do remember that now. :) The bottom line is if the problem remains you will have to Staff.

  12. Hi! I desperatly need help! A user that is subscribed to my blog, says that when she unsubscribes to my blog, she can't find my blog, or it says user has deleted account? I have made a new account because I got totally aggrivated and wiped out everything! No, I'm not doing that again! I'm not that computer literate, so PLEASE help me out in LAYMENS terms! Thank you so much for your time! Email me please I would appreciate it if you'd look into this for me? Thank you

  13. The blog you posted the link to is not deleted. It's fine. Volunteers answer forum questions do not provide support by email. Please report you problem to Staff and tell the user who is having problem too to so the same.

  14. Thank you for your time! I wonder why she keeps on telling me that there's errors on it then? Oh well, I'll leave it alone then! Thank you for looking in on it! I know you're busy!

  15. You're welcome and please accept this advice. Subscribing to a blog is not a priority issue and not being able to subscribe is not an urgent matter -- it's only a blog -- urgent = getting hit by truck & going to hospital. lol :D.

    If your friend had trouble subscribing then she/he ought to have contacted support. Never delete a blog as once you do that URL cannot be recycled and used by you or anyone else. If you aren't using a blog then make the visibility "private" and use it as a test blog.

  16. The people at support are wonderful. I notified them about it and they got back to me right away. It appears its a global problem with IE. and they plan to fix it.
    (as an aside) for a long time pingbacks didnt always show up on mine and others blogs. Thats not a problem but suddenly all my pingbacks showed up right where they are supposed to be. Just about the same time the display went screwy. I suppose the good folks behind the scenes are tweaking and improving stuff. Its all good! GO WordPress!

  17. @lifewith4cats
    It's great that you returned and shared this news. Thanks do much for doing that. :) I'm not surprised the there's a global problem with IE as on another site I'm on Admin has Staff working on a fix there as well. I'm happy to hear that your pingbacks showed up. You are right Staff are always fixing, tweaking and improving performance. GO WordPress!

  18. Great stuff! Funny you mentioend the ping backs, and I linked to a couple of other peoples entries and then didn't see the pings on their blogs and I thought that odd. Seems like they know about it!

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