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    Just see that WP provides for blogging. How about a mobile version for reading a post?

    Sometimes, I also want to read some WP posts via mobile, but it takes time to open a full HTML/ CSS page. Wonder if/ when (if any) WP will have a chance to add an option of reading posts via mobile.

    Surely, the page should contain only text.


    Some of my friends also use slow speed Internet and sometimes have a problem with their PC. If they can read via mobile, it will be easier for them to keep in touch thru WP.

    :) Thank you.



    The best way I have found to do this is to use a feedreader on the mobile and add the blog feed into the reader. I use mobispine ( on my mobile (a Sony Ericsson K750i) and it works well.
    Essentially, you download the mobispine app onto your mobile and then set up your feeds on the mobispine site, using your blog’s feed as the input.
    The descriptions of how to do it are on the mobispine website.
    The other way to do it would be to use google mobile as the aggregator and then have the mobile Opera browser on the phone.
    I am sure there are other options out there as well.

    Hope this helps.


    Thanks Ozrisk. That helps expand my knowledge a lot. Will try out. Unfortunately, I am using Siemens M65. Will see if Google works find.




    According to this review:
    the Siemens M65 allows Java applications. Mobispine should be fine – as should Opera



    Another thing to do if you use gmail on your mobile is send yourself an email of your website link URL. Gmail will automatically convert any site that you link to from an email in a mobile format. That is what I do on as there is no other way to view the site without the full HTML version.


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