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Read subscriptions from app

  1. Maybe in a future app update, have the ability to list your subscriptions so we can read them on the go?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Great idea! Maybe someone knows if this can already be done.

    What I'd like to add to your suggestion is making an RSS feed of our subscribed blogs. That would be super!

  3. You mention, "on the go." Are you talking about a Blackberry, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone 7 app? If so, go to this link, click on the appropriate app and go to the app support site and make your request there. The wordpress smartphone apps have separate development teams and support sites.

  4. That would be *this* link? :"-)

    FWIW-I still think offering an RSS feed for at least public blogs would be great.

  5. @Jennifer, thanks for adding the link, and yes an RSS feed for our subscriptions would be a nice touch for public blogs.

  6. Hi,
    I,m in the process of developing an app for wordpress.
    How can i list that in the apps page?

  7. Contact staff. [email redacted]

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