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Read tag stopped working on just one post.

  1. Hello.

    Up until today my coded Read Tag has worked perfectly. However now on just one post it will not work. It works on all the posts below it! I can't seem to see why.

    I have removed the read tag and re-entered it between text to see if that was the issue but instead only about 50 words are shown and the words "Continue Reading-->"

    It is on the page below:

    And the second post down: "How Do You Find Focus?"

    I am using:
    <!--more DIVE IN DEEPER HERE -->

    Any help would be truly appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is what I see:

    How Do You Find Focus?
    A little change of pace with this post as I reach out to you. Yes You, out there! How do you find focus and keep it? What do you do in order to keep going on one topic for hours? … Continue reading

  3. I spotted something else you need to address. All reasons for non-appearance of posts on Topics pages can be found here >

    As you have assigned a combined total that exceeds 15 Categories/Tags to your posts, you need to edit and delete. After removal of the excess categories and/or tags note it may take several days for your posts to begin displaying there.

    You are inadvertently spamdexing AKA tag spamming. And, you ought to be more concerned about your posts not appearing and being well ranked on Google and Bing SERPS (search results pages) than not appearing on the Topics pages because it's search engines that send a significant flow of traffic to blogs and they can choose to bury your content where the sun don't shine for tag spamming.

    The rule of thumb is to assign to your posts the least, not the most, combined number of only relevant categories and tags that accurately describe the individual post content.

    For tips on tagging see >

  4. Hello timethief,

    Thank you for getting back to me.

    1) This image you saw is the issue.
    Is should look like the other posts below it where the is a paragraph or two of text and then the words "DIVE IN DEEPER HERE" to click on to head to the next page.

    I used the code <!--more DIVE IN DEEPER HERE -->
    Following the advice here:

    I can't work out why it shows just "continue reading..." instead of what I intend it to show which is about a paragraph of text and then a clickable more tag of DIVE IN DEEPER HERE

    2) Thanks for the tagging advice, I look through my posts and have made sure they have less than 15 tags/categories on them. This is a combined total right?

  5. 2. Yes it's the combined total of both categories/tags.

    1. I'll tag this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  6. Hi there,

    That is very strange! Nothing I tried was able to make your custom tag work either. I have put this in front of our developers to let them have a look and as soon as I have any information from them I will let you know!

  7. One of my co-workers actually figured this one out. It looks like this theme overrides the More tag feature if you have a featured image in place. They even mention it on the theme info page:

    On the home page, posts with Featured Images assigned will display with the excerpt, whereas posts without Featured Images will display the full content. You can always shorten full-content posts using the More Tag.

    We verified this by removing the featured image, and it's working as expected now. You can replace the featured image if you'd like but the More tag will stop working how you want it to.

  8. @amightywp
    Thanks so much for the follow-up on this and thanks to the Staff member who uncovered what the issue was. Bookmarked!

  9. No problem. I should have seen it in the first place and felt silly, but that's the way of things. You can't work in tech unless you're willing to learn every day! ;)

  10. Okay, so it's if it's confession time, then I should have seen that on the Forever theme page too.

  11. And we're all better people for it. ;)

  12. Wow thanks so much @amightywp for following up on the problem I was having! I really appreciate it. Also, thanks to your co-worker who discovered the issue. Also a big thanks to @timethief for flagging this for a follow-up.

    Your help has been fast and amazing.

  13. No problem at all. Thanks for your patience with us!

    Let me know if you need anything else.

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