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    Hi, I love the Sunspot Theme and I have added a photo, at the top, which is very colorful and represents me. My problem, at the moment, is that I have added “About” pages, and the text starts up in the photo area and the photo is in competition with the text, thus the text cannot be read clearly. I have tried editing to lower the entire text, hoping that the text would, then, appear in the black background area, below the photo, so that it would read clear and sharp, but, I am not able to achieve that. Can you advise me as to how to get the text down into the black background so that it can be read?

    The blog I need help with is



    I have tried editing to lower the entire text

    Do you have the Custom Design upgrade? If so, please post to the CSS Customization forum so you get the correct help.

    If not, then you will want to create a Custom Header that fits the dimensions mentioned at the bottom of this page:



    Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you, very much, for your suggestions. I am going to get the Custom Design upgrade. That will allow me to do what I want to do with the font size and color, etc. to solve my problem.
    I appreciate your help!
    Have a great weekend!


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