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Reader Bug: "Sorry No More Posts..."

  1. alienheartbeat

    Reader currently showing all posts back to 1 day 9 hours ago.
    Then 1 post from 3 months 1 week ago.
    But nothing in between.
    And a message at the bottom of the screen:
    "Sorry, there are no more posts to read but you can always check out freshly pressed!"

    Would love to attach screenshot, but can't see an option to do so.
    Have put one in my public dropbox folder:

    1. I am 103% certain there are posts between 1 day 9 hrs ago and 3 months 1 week ago. I was in Reader about 8 days ago and saw them and liked some of them.

    2. Cache cleared.
    Using Firefox 21.0.

    3. This problem has happened a few weeks ago..
    But last time it showed me up to 3 days previous posts.
    Last time it was using the Android version of Reader.
    Usually however Reader works well.

    4. I, like many people, can't go to Reader every day -
    I usually average about once a week,
    so 1 days posts is not sufficient!

    5. The problem does not refer to my own posts showing up in other people's Readers. It refers to the posts of blogs I follow not showing up in my Reader.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  3. Thanks. Have already subscribed.

    Patience has never been my strong point. I was born with a certain amount, but had used it all up by the time I was 3. But once we pass the 5 second mark, it is all the same.

    Have abandoned the Reader for the moment. Just using bookmarks and the browser to follow a few key blogs. v slow.

  4. Hi alienheartbeat,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with the Reader. Thanks for providing all of that information about what's happening!

    Are you still having trouble with this in your Firefox browser? If so, can you check in another browser and let me know if you have the same problem there? You can download the latest version of popular browsers from

  5. alienheartbeat

    hi Rachel

    Same problem in Chrome (Version 29.0.1535.3 dev).
    Shows posts Up To 3 days, 7 hours ago,
    then one from 4 months, 2 weeks ago,
    then "Sorry, there are no more posts to read but you can always check out freshly pressed!"
    v sim to the screenshot I posted.

    Same problem 2 weeks ago in the Android version of WordPress Reader (Android 4.2.2 running on Galaxy Nexus).

    Same problem last night and today on Firefox 21.0.

    Note Firefox and Android WordPress had both previously worked before a Reader update.

    **But something very peculiar:**

    Firefox shows posts up to 1 week ago, then

      a. suddenly restarts from a post from 2 days 8 hours ago
      reshowing posts up to 3 days, 7 hours ago,

      b. then the same problem, shows one from 4 months, 2 weeks ago,
      then "Sorry, there are no more posts to read but you can always check out freshly pressed!"

    As this seems unbelievable,
    (and I wouldn't blame you for doubting me)
    I have put screenshots in:

    Exactly the same is happening in Chrome.

    A few days ago when I was using the Reader, similar thing happened, only worse:
    a range of posts would be repeated no matter how many times I scrolled to get more posts.
    I just exited assuming it was a temporary website problem.

    PS: any way to attach screenshots? this would be very helpful.

  6. Thank you for providing the additional detail. I was able to reproduce this issue and reported it to our developers, so they are looking into it. Thanks for reporting this bug!

    PS: any way to attach screenshots? this would be very helpful.

    There isn't a way to attach screenshots in the support forums, but you are welcome to upload screenshots to your Media Library (under Media > Add New in your blog's dashboard) for staff to look at. You can also use a screenshot service like Snaggy if you don't want to upload screenshots to your Dropbox.

  7. alienheartbeat

    If possible could you let me know when bug is fixed so I can go back to using Reader?
    Am currently using browser and bookmarks.

  8. We determined that the problem was being caused by a glitch in one of the blogs you were following. The problem should be fixed now, so you can go back to using Reader. If you experience this issue again, please let us know!

  9. aha, interesting. Thanks for the notification and (the quickness of) the fix.

  10. You're welcome! Do let us know if this problem pops up again. :)

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