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    windows 7 , IE 9, PC, 1600×900 resolution
    Mostly a feedback post so first the bad then the good

    To begin with, the reader doesn’t work at all. When trying to view the reader from my blog I get an “Unsupported Browser” page. Clicking the “use the classic WordPress dashboard” just takes me back to my blog. The reader doesn’t open at all.

    I don’t have a highspeed internet connection and cannot upgrade the browser, which I did try to do. Windows 7 sp1 which is needed for IE 11 is 7.4 GB and would take 8-10 days to download if I could possibly stay connected that long. Having to install firefox for no other reason than to view the WordPress Reader is a serious hassle.

    We still are being force fed full size pictures. At 1600×900 resolution on a widescreen monitor I’m lucky to get 2 posts per view. The reader is now for people who are addicted to scrolling down. A 200 x 200 pixel preview pic would be ever so much more helpful. If I want to see the full pic then I’ll just visit the page.

    The new reader is incredibly SLOW. Now along with a full pic on the post I have to wait for 6 more thumbnail gallery pics to load also. This is really slowing down the reader.

    The new reader is even slower than that. Clicking on the “Motorcycle” tag to see postings I had to wait forever for google maps to upload into the reader, which it never did. I can’t use googlemaps because I don’t have a highspeed connection to begin with. Now it eats bandwidth and makes the reader bog down.

    The likes are gone. An article I usually would scroll (endlessly) down past that has 11 likes I might check out. I don’t need a self only like button which is useless.

    The word count is gone. Really bad idea just like the last time you took it off in 2013. The people using the reader are writers! We live and die and die again by the word count. Not the time our readers take to mull over our musings. Word count helps decide if I am going to view the article or not also. Under 600 words and I don’t bother. A time to read tells me nothing.

    Huge fonts being used are cartoonish. I’m deaf not blind. A couple pixels bigger than the summary with BOLD and it would be good enough and help shrink down the post sizes a little.

    Don’t like that I can’t choose which #tag gets displayed.

    Overall I don’t see anything in the changes to improve the reader and it no longer works for me using IE to begin with. To go along with the fact it is a LOT slower to load when you can finally get to it. Most everything else I don’t like about it still applies from your last reader change.

    The good.

    Like that the blog author was moved down to the post title. No longer have to scroll 3 monitor views back up past the pics to see who is posting.

    Like that “right click open in new window” on the title takes you to the blog post (word count previously did). The last reader change it took you to another viewer and you would have to open again to get to the blogsite.

    No idea what cmd+click is. I don’t have a cmd key on my keyboard. Shift+click works also to take you to the blogsite.

    I like that I don’t see this left bar some are complaining about. Must be a non-pc type thing.

    Thanks for reading.

    The blog I need help with is


    Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate that it was balanced.

    You do need to have at least Internet Explorer 10 to use the Reader.

    A bigger featured image is something other people do like, so a decision had to be made and the decision was to keep bigger pictures as the first, featured one.

    We will also be adding keyboard shortcuts in the future, and I think that will help.

    Time is more intuitive for many than word count. This does seem like a matter of preference though, and we do need to decide one way or the other. We’ll be watching to see how feedback and metrics play out.

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