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    Thanks for the explanation Chris, Lord knows how you manage to read that many blogs in an hour though, over the last week with the new reader I’d just about manage half a dozen ;-)




    Well done on your stats, impressive! :-)

    I do like the carousel, it looks lovely and works great on the PC and is so much nicer than clicking into lots of individual pictures or clicking on clunky previous/next links.

    If they could fix it so it works on the mobile then I’d use it more myself.

    Out of the 100+ posts and pages on my blog (most being longer technical posts) I have just two galleries in carousel format. I don’t like the false stats they generate. Last month statcounter showed 8K page views whereas wordpress showed 15K views, the difference being entirely down to views on just those two carousels!!!

    Anyway, I gather from reading the latest comments here that the reader may be fixed, or at least usable again. That is fantastic news and thank you WordPress for listening to us. :-)

    Can you fix the reader in wordpress app for the windows phone too so that the back button returns to the reader and not the admin home page please, that would be VERY MUCH appreciated.



    Yay! clicking on the word count also works fine on my phone (within the wordpress app) and takes me directly to the post. Fantastic! Big thanks to whoever fixed it :-)


    These changes add zero value. Change for change’s sake. Why do I have to go through another preview, which I already have in the reader, before clicking again to get to the real post?



    Why can’t we just get to bloggers posts instead of being caught with the damned popup window ? Quite a downer…




    Just click at the “… more words” or at the time stamp on the lower left.



    Thanks a lot deremil ! :)


    Dear Happiness Engineers,

    Thank you ever so much for fixing the word count. Now can you please sort out the tags!

    This morning I published a new post on my blog about progress on my winter garden, the Carrots I am growing for Christmas, sorting out my vegetable garden ready for next spring and the Chilli plants I am growing for use over winter! Can you see the common thread here? Yep, that would be gardening and growing my own food!

    With my post written and photo’s added, I carefully selected my tags: Growing your own, vegetable garden, chillis and food were amongst those selected from my tag cloud. So, bearing in mind the growing your own/vegetable garden theme of my post, would you like to guess which tag the WordPress Reader has chosen to show under my blog entry? Food!!!!!!!!! Why?

    Obviously your Reader, being an inanimate object run off (I am assuming with my limited knowledge of software development) a rule engine of some sorts, can not hope to comprehend and compute the main feature of any given post. So why has it been ‘enhanced’ (and I use that word very, very loosely) with this process?

    I find it quite arrogant of your developers to think that they could write a bit of code, that would be better at selecting from a string of tags ticked by any given blog author, the one single tag that would best represent a blog entry. As the author of my blog entry, I can assure you that I am the person best placed to know which tag or tags should be aligned with that post and I find it annoying and highly irritating that you have effectively over ridden my choices! The fact that the least applicable of the tags I chose was chosen by the Reader software only serves to add injury to insult!

    I would therefore like to suggest that the showing of the tag string chosen by the author of a blog was and remains the best option and that this particular change is also rolled back.

    Many thanks.



    There doesn’t seem to be a way to view actual blogs with their individual formats nor actually see who has liked them! All posts look the same. How do I get to the actual post for those that I follow? I don’t want the abbreviated Reader version, I want the real thing.


    I don’t like the loss of the EDIT button on “Blogs I Follow.” That’s how I went in and added new blogs.



    WordPress needs to change the reader to what it used to be for years. The new reader is obnoxious. Encouraging “Like” through the reader and not going to the actual blog. Also, it takes up too much time to click “See Original” and it is too hard on computers having so many windows open.
    Slows things down and overheats.
    IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’t FIX IT! …And it wasn’t broke, so make it the way it used to be.



    Having to click twice to get to the actual blog is time-consuming and rather obnoxious. If I click on it, it’s because I want to read the post: it’s that simple. Not taking us to the blog completely removes the point of all the formatting choices bloggers make and discourages traffic. Why do it?


    It worries me that when I write, someone who knows nothing of my motivation or underlying inspiration for the post, simply assumes the role of choosing which tags are shown and which of my posts THEY feel are “related articles”. What next? Maybe you would like to write for us too?

    SO many changes and none of them would be reasons to stay here on WordPress. It makes no sense.
    Please vote here….and WordPress, please listen to your loyal members!


    I am very disappointed and frustrated! It does not make things more convenient, it’s a step backwards. The scrolling back and forth in my reader is ridiculous! I never had to do that before. Now anytime I return from looking at a new post, it automatically goes all the way to the top of the feed and and I have to scroll way down again and then repeat whenever I want to read a new post. This is completely inefficient!


    Bringing back the word count is a first step, but hiding the direct link to the blog in the word count is again a joke. The link belongs in the title, that’s the place where common sense expects it to be.

    And PLEASE bring back the tags! One Tag is another bad joke of the wordpress developers, since they take away an important instrument for readers to see if a full post is interesting for them.

    An example: this blog entry shows the tag “B├╝cher” (books) in the reader, so it is from general interest for me. What the reader does NOT show would be much more interesting for me: the tags “fantasy” and “jugendbuch” (young adult). Interesting because I despise this kind of books (sorry, minorherba), so missing this information I clicked through to a blog entry and went *meh* about it. Let me experience some more disappointments and I’ll stop caring at all about blog entries which don’t blare in the first sentence about what exactly they are, so I know if it’s worth clicking through. Which will let me miss a lot of good blogs, and the bloggers the hits on their stats.

    Tags are important for bloggers and readers, so reducing them down to just one in the wordpress reader is simply silly and destructive to the experience one has on this site.



    just click at the “… more words” or at the time stamp in the lower left: a new tab or a new window opens with the article in its original blog …

    You were jumped to the topof the reader even if you open an article in a new tab (using the hint above)?


    If I click on the post title or picture, I get the slimmed down version of the blog. When I click on the View Original, a new tab opens with the full version of the post. However, when I close out of this tab, I am returned to the slim down version, which, when I close out of this automatically takes me to the top of the reader. And then I have to scroll back down and the process repeats for any blog I want to read.




    Don’t click title nor view original! Never ever! ;-)

    Use “… more words” or the time stamp in the lower left – the article will be opened in a new Tab / window. Okay, it’s not easy to change a habit (don’t know if habit is the right word for “Gewohnheit”) – but it’s the way they gave us.



    That works. Still don’t like how it’s been changed though.
    Thanks for the assistance :)


    Dear Happiness Engineers,

    The word count ‘fix’ seems to be a bit hit and miss.

    My most recent post (you know the one that is actually about growing my own vegetables but your Reader has selected the ‘food’ tag for out of the half dozen or so I chose) hasn’t got a Reader generated ‘more words‘ showing and yet the previous few posts I have published do have the Reader word count showing. In fact all the other posts on my Reader have the ‘more words‘ bit now.

    All my posts are written following, on the whole, the same structure: highlighted first paragraph, with a photo usually on the right hand side and then the ‘more’ tag after the first paragraph or second paragraph depending on length.

    So why is the count missing from my most recent post (I have manually added a count to the top with link to full post as an interim measure)?

    I awaited with interest your reply.
    Many thanks.

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