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Reader changed?

  1. smallhousebiggarden

    @shawn747 said:

    I didn't buy a 20" wide monitor screen so I could have a cell phone experience.

    And this sums up most people's opinion of the recent reader changes! Thank you @shawn747!!

  2. I format my blog carefully, fitting the pictures (sometimes seven in one post) to the column width and the text. The reader makes a mess of this, pictures get stuck in anywhere. The diversity of wordpress blogs is part of the attraction, but the new reader makes us all look the same. I want to go to the blog itself with one click. I want my readers to come to my blog, not this amorphous mess. Putting the text of the whole post on the reader gets in the way.

  3. Sometimes pictures fail to show on my blog, Im wondering if somebody else is logged into my wordpress account. It gets stranger and stranger as I log in to post, it drags on and on and it takes forever to post anything. Sometimes when I do get to hit send the pictures dont show up. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  4. Was this forum made sticky so that no other forum is created or for hearing the problems and trying to find a solution. I posted on it the day it was created and it has been 3 weeks now.

    People come here say there problem and then they will try to adjust by themselves. Is this the strategy here?

    I think you have the statistics by now. People coming to the blogs via reader has hugely decreased and in the same way likes on the posts have increased.(I can see it in the referrers)

  5. rakmilphotography

    My questions:
    1. How would my readers know that they can click through via the number of words or date?
    2. What was wrong with going directly to my carefully crafted website without the pop-up.
    4. Why is there no explanation of the changes?
    5. Most newspapers and magazines have a mobile friendly option in addition to the standard view, why not here?

  6. I can't say if this is a result of the new reader, or because of the content that I am posting, but my hit count is up while likes are down. Things do seem to be working a bit better with the last batch of fixes. Many bloggers are learning how to bypass the popup. I suspect that the popup is now cast in stone and don't expect it to go away.

  7. Aside from the token "Tell us what you think" commenst in this thread, there has been no word on the new Reader, for good or bad, since it was secretly deployed. We get news posts when there are new themes, when WP (rightfully) fights unlawful copyright suits, and to update us on how things are going monthly, but when a major, sweeping change to the core functionality of the service comes along, silence.

  8. If I read a post in the reader rather than the original does this register as a 'hit' in the statistics? I hope it registers because it seems unfair if it doesn't.

  9. thelandroverownerswife

    Dear Happiness Engineer,

    Could you PLEASE explain the word count to me? Specifically why it doesn't appear consistently on my blog entries in the reader when I have used the same structure and format for each!

    For example, yesterdays blog entry shows the word count but todays' blog entry doesn't. Both entries have a large amount of words so it isn't a shortage of text, both have a 'more' tag and both were written in the exact same layout!

    As for my other half (Mud4fun), his blog entries don't show a word count in the reader at all!!!! Why? What is the magic trigger that I obviously hit sometimes and don't hit at others.

    I await with interest your response.

    Mrs Mud

  10. smallhousebiggarden

    I just re-read pages 8-11 in this thread, and realized the WP staff hasn't responded/posted.
    I certainly hope they're at least reading these comments and noting our concerns about everything!

  11. Re: Newly added tags in Readers Topic List...

    Is it possible to edit typos in tags I've added to the Readers Topic List?
    If so, how is that done?

    Used-to-be a good speller....not sure what's happened! :)

  12. Unbelievable. All my images show as tiny thumbnails now (some are only 80 pixels wide!!!), even in my old posts from last year (they used to be 600 pixels wide by default). Worse, there is no way to click on them to make them bigger. My blog ( is useless if it only displays tiny thumbnail-size images. This idiotic destruction of all my past work affects my foundation's well-being. It was done without any warning, too. Fix it NOW!!!!!

  13. @loujost
    Are your referring to images on your blog? If you are then posting here makes no sense. Please see:

  14. rakmilphotography

    Another thing for the designers to note, if one is in the poo-up and clicks on view original the website opens in a new window, but the pop-up is still live on reader. On return to reader it needs to be closed. This is way too many clicks.

  15. timetheif, thanks for the link. That does describe my problem. Amazing that two months after the first people complained about it, there is still no decent global solution.

  16. @loujost
    You're welcome. If you need additional help with the resizing then use this link to create a new thread please. and add these 3 Tags to it for Staff help.
    images resizing
    image size changes

  17. I sent a message out about this topic a couple of weeks ago, but apparently it didn't go any place. My concern right now is when I click on the view original and read a post then go to comment, it wants me to sign in. I am already signed in. I think the new look where it shows the goofy box is a step backwards. I used to spend time reading and commenting on all the blogs that I follow every day. I no longer leave comments. In fact, I don't even read very many anymore. I am sort of thinking the whole thing is a waste of time since I can't get to things as easily as I could before. Sorry but improvements should make things better not harder to use.

  18. Since nothing has changed and we've received absolutely no acknowledgement I'm going to reiterate my original point: two clicks are not better than one!!!

  19. raincouvergirl

    I find that I am missing a lot of posts in my Reader. I am following 42 blogs at the moment, but have only seen around 5 posts in the last two days pop up on my reader, although if I go to the blogs directly there have been more than that posted. Also, sometimes when I refresh the Reader, some posts disappear and new ones appear.

    I'm very new to WordPress so I can't compare it to the old Reader. That said, while I don't think the new Reader has the most efficient or pleasing UI, I would be able to live with it if it worked correctly and showed me all the posts of blogs that I am following.

  20. I have noticed the same thing. Blog posts show up in "Blogs I follow" but don't show up under the individual tags used by the posts. I keep getting "Sorry, no posts" under tags that have postings for them.

    I also noticed the reader has a "Download our Mobile App" advertisement now. So I would guess the reader is going to stay messed up even though it's horrid.

    Can we please chose which tag gets shown with our post? My posts are using a "category" word that is not even a tag and doesn't describe the post. This is not helpful nor informative to a reader using the reader.

    I'm not blind. I don't need HUGE POST HEADLINES or too large text fonts. Good grief. The text size the sidebar uses is just fine.

    I'm also growing weary of scrolling down past full monitor size pictures. If a small preview pic is good enough for "freshly pressed" then it's good enough for the reader. If I want to see a HQ full size copy of the pic I will just visit the blog page and you know, read the article.

    If wordpress is going to keep on shoving this over large reader that is obsessed with scrolling down on me can there be please a disable all pictures option for the reader? It's just more chaff to scroll down past in the new format.

    I do not own a cell phone or mobile anything. I have a monster home PC with a 20" wide monitor. Showing only 1 post per screen, when it shows posts at all, with a 1600x900 resolution is unhelpful and makes finding posts harder, not easier.

    I have yet to see anything good or improved with the new reader format.

  21. Hi everyone

    There is a very quick fix for not having to use the pop-up window (which I loathe with a passion) in the Reader. Instead of clicking on a Blog post title to read it, either click on the word count, or the time in the bottom left of the blog post, and you go straight to the blog post, bypassing the pop-up summary window.

    The blog post opens in a new window, so when you want to go back to reader just close the blog post and you're back in reader.

    Hope this helps other people who hate the new pop-up summary window!

  22. Thanks Bertieandme, glad I came to the bottom without reading through all those reflecting my irritation. I read mainly on a computer, but at times on my iphone or ipad. I have to say this latest change with the popup for reading caused me to stop reading a lot of the blogs I was following because of the poor design. I read and post for enjoyment, when some web designer has a brilliant-in-their-own-mind change that alienates users, I guess they may never know the havoc the create.

  23. Thank you so much bertieandme. I too loathe the pop up. I think it has something to do with being phone app friendly.

    It's a shame WP did provide the inforamtion you have provided. Good Job. :-)

  24. FWIW the change reported by bertieandme above took place on November 9th and I don't believe any changes have been made since that time.

  25. If it wasn't clear from the tag I added to this thread, I'm requesting Staff to remove the spam links that have appeared in the tags on this discussion. Thanks!

  26. @timethief - that just highlights what others have posted up. How would you know to click the word count to bypass the pop-up? There's no indication directing a reader to do that who didn't already know about it.

  27. smallhousebiggarden

    @shawn747: are you suggesting WP add a disclaimer saying "click word count to access full-site" (or something to that effect?)

  28. Add my name to the list of people who dislike the new Reader, for the same reasons so many others have already expressed.

  29. As I suggested years ago, could do what it wants this reader.

    Make the Reader page available for an RSS subscription.
    Wp used to this for tags years ago, and Facebook presently does this with each accounts home page, presently.

  30. I think there is something hugely wrong with the tech team of WP, currently their stats figures are way different from the stats I'm getting from the other stat monitoring sites. If the difference would have been of 5-10 views then I would have understood but the diffrence is of more than 100. That's a pity.

    I think this whole ploy is bring down the page views of the blogs, I don't see any other valid reason. Though I bought their paid domain upgrade but now I'm feeling that it would have been better if I would have shifted my site out, maybe to wordpress dot org

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