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Reader changed?

  1. @gaurab27 Yes, according to wp stats, one of my blogs had 232 views last week, according to Statcounter I had 423. Obviously not a grave matter for such a tiny site, but it must affect others who are actively trying to promote their sites.

  2. @colourcottage, but point is not about how small the sites are, isn't it? It is about giving wrong stats and information to people. A wrong is a wrong. (I would have believed the mistake if it would 5-10 or even 20, as it can be because of the bots but the numbers are in 100's and 1000's )

    It's about explaining to your users why you have made certain changes and even after so many comments why there isn't any remark from the concerned people.

  3. Another interesting thing has happened too, I don't know if it's related to the stats and missing posts in the wp reader - on some of the blogrolls I am on, that is, other people subscribing to me and showing their blog roll on their site, my blog does not get updated. I'm currently showing as if my last post was 10 days ago, 3-4 posts behind my current newest. So something is wonky with the rss too. Could be a whole different game, I just thought of it when you mentioned that less traffic was deliberate.

  4. @smallhousebiggarden - My vote would be to get rid of it entirely. Failing that why not switch them around? If people like the pop-up then they can click on "word count" to use it and the HUGE POST HEADLINE can link directly to the article.

  5. smallhousebiggarden

    I think it's pretty obvuous no one from WP is actually reading this thread!
    FYI: I just accessed the reader for the first time in 9 days and nothing is any fact it may be worse!! It won't scroll past a certain point for me (2 screens worth of posts) and clicking to "load more" results in a nothing but a looooonnnnnggggg wait!

  6. I have had the same problem for weeks. When the reader does load, it doesn't show more than the last 7 posts, and trying to reload it results in "loading" forever with no posts ever showing (not even the last 7). Many times it won't load at all. The only way I can get it to load consistently (and to be able to scroll down past the last 7 posts) is to turn off extensions in Safari preferences. This is becoming more trouble than it's worth, so I find myself just not checking the reader much any more. If anyone has found a way around this problem, I'd really like to know what to do. I used to depend on the reader, and just can't any more.

  7. smallhousebiggarden

    @ldweis, I figured I wasn't alone in this "not loading" problem. I used to access the reader daily but as I said, this morning was my first time back there in 9 days. It's too frustrating!

  8. So glad to know I'm not the only one with this loading problem. I got help from a WP person for a reader problem via a forum post a long time ago, but I don't get the impression that anyone from WP is reading or responding to these comments. Doesn't give one much hope of anything getting better. It's too bad, because I used to really like the reader and checked it frequently. Now it's just too much work.

  9. So WordPress, are you guys ever going to respond to our concerns?

  10. ecumenicallife

    It does not appear likely.

  11. Don't be so sure.

    They made this a sticky post. That means we have their attention.

    I suspect someone will show up sooner or later.

  12. Personally I'm fed up with it. It takes me much longer to read the blogs I like to read because you have to click so many more times. As if that wasn't bad enough, now there are big gaps in the dates so I'm actually missing posts and my followers have begun to contact me to ask why I have stopped writing posts myself, even though I write every single day. Tonight the reader wont show anything older than a couple of hours. The whole thing needs a drastic rethink and whatever they have done to stop posts showing properly needs fixing pronto. Grrr!

  13. rakmilphotography

    I can confirm that the number of posts that one can view in refer before it starts repeating is shrinking.

  14. Actually I can't view anything at all now. No posts, not stats, no comments just a blasted donut going round and round. I'm seriously thinking of moving my blog because at this rate half the people of read it can't.

  15. i didn't experience that but if reader changed than there might be possibilities of changing address of the readers

  16. I rarely look at the Reader due to all its problems. I tried it this morning to see if there were any improvements, so sad, it seems to be getting worse, I had to click 2-3 times to get into the blogs that I follow. It used to fun to scroll the reader to find new blogs to follow, now it is so difficult to find other bloggers, I hope the Reader is soon improved.

  17. I've pretty much incorporated the new habit of always clicking the time stamp, not the headline. Only once in a while do I forget. So this way it works pretty much as before.

  18. This topic is no longer stickied, and still no more replies. I think it is safe to say that our complaints and suggestions are no longer being taken seriously by staff.

  19. beating the ghosts of horses long dead and turned to dust ...

  20. @mariekeates
    Your issue is not the same issue as the one in this thread. You have a browser related or connectivity related issue. In order to help you we need to know your specific computing environment details. Please work through what follows and report back.

    1. If you are not running one of the browsers and versions listed at please try upgrading or switching first.

    2. If you are using an IE browser in compatibility mode please disable that mode.

    3. If you are running one of the browsers and versions listed at

    (a) Try clearing your browser’s cache

    If applicable see here for instructions on how to clear the cache for Chrome and Safari on the iPad:

    (b) Make sure that you have both third-party cookies enabled and JavaScript enabled

    (c) Disable all browser extensions or add-ons temporarily.

    (d) Try enabling HTTPS:

    Add both * and * to your list of trusted sites under the Security tab. Make sure to uncheck the box for “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone.”

    4. Try using another browser.

    5. If you are not successful let us know:
    (a) Exactly what kind of device you are using to connect to the internet and to
    (b) Exactly which browser (and version of it) you’re using by checking here if necessary
    (c) And what any error reports you receive state.

  21. Howdy all,

    We are still reviewing replies and passing new concerns on to the development team. We unstickied the post since the changes to the Reader are no longer new.

    In addition to your comments, we're looking at a number of other indicators as we work on improvements to the Reader.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  22. @colourcottage - a broken RSS feed is sometimes an indicator that a post on your site has some illegal characters (illegal meaning against the technical specs for RSS). The validator is not reporting an error currently.

    @Gaurab: Our stats only count visitors from human users. Visits from bots (including Facebook—which makes six different hits on your site the first time someone shares a link on your site) are not included in our stats, while often would be counted by other stat counters that rely only on a image pull.

  23. Thread isn't new any longer, neither is the continued irritation of development teams that decide what is best for everyone that uses a package without coming out of their bubble into the real world.

    Someone let me know if this ever gets addressed and maybe I'll enjoy reading and posting again...

  24. @kraftbj - Interesting input on the characters, thanks. I do not normally use weird titles or letters, but if it happens again I'll check for something odd. For now the problem appears to be gone.

  25. I'm still having problems with the reader changes, the appearance of the word count seems totally random. In the last few weeks I have done several posts, all similar layout, picture in same place at top of post and more tag at end of first paragraph and yet the word count has not appeared on half my posts in the reader despite them having hundreds of words below the more tag.

    Then I have discovered that the reader is now not showing many posts from blogs I follow. I have been directly on to my followed blogs where it 'appears' they haven't posted for weeks only to find that I've missed dozens of their posts.

    I also still detest the popup box and still do not understand why it is there - it can't be there for mobile devices as the reader is now broken on my mobile where it worked perfectly before the changes.

  26. @mud4fun - What mobile device/browser do you use? The web-based Reader works (for me at least) on iOS and Android (Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mobile).

    I'm not personally knowledgeable about the algorithm used to determine when/how to place the word count remaining in the Reader. I'll check into it with the team.

  27. rakmilphotography

    I am using an iphone 4 IOS7, the dashboard works great, but the reader is an eye killer and again, any formatting by the author is lost (formatting we pay for). I do not believe this is a way forward especially for graphic and photographic blogs.

  28. rakmilphotography

    I notice someone is trying to look at my site in an IOS format assuming that is you Kratbj. I appreciate what I am seeing and if correct what you are trying to do. Remember that for photographers landscape and portrait views have impact. Thanks

  29. @kraftbj

    I'm using a Nokia Lumia 925 window phone with all the latest updates.

    Since the reader update I find it almost impossible to use WordPress on it via the app. The link to view original post is missing on the popup window and depending on whether there are comments, the volume of words etc I often can't even view more than the first few lines on the popup. The scrolling seems broken and the comments and other bits seems to float across the screen so you can't read what is underneath. The phones back button takes you right back to the apps home page instead of the reader so you can't go into a post and get out using the back button and the additional layer of the popup window now makes navigation utter hell.

    My wife is also suffering the same issues on her Nokia 520 windows phone.

    My phone runs a resolution of 1280x768 and has a large super clear screen which is more than capable of viewing the original blog post in its natural environment with the bloggers own style. I have no need to have the post squashed into this annoying popup and I am really frustrated that previously I could click on the post title to go into the post but now I get the popup which is missing links so in many cases I have no means to access the post.

    I appreciate that over there the windows phone is not a big chunk of the market but over here windows phone is the fastest growing phone OS and just about everybody that I know that has used my phone will be switching to a windows phone at the end of their current iPhone contracts. So in less than two years time virtually everybody that I've spoken to with an iPhone will have switched to a windows phone. I think you guys at WordPress need to start testing the software on windows mobile OS in addition to the IOS platforms.

  30. @kraftbj

    Forgot to say, I have been using the Bloglovin mobile reader and it works perfectly and does everything the WP reader used to. It has a short summary, small picture to one side and fits numerous posts on one screen within its reader. Clicking on the post titles takes me straight into the original blog post and hitting the phones back button takes me back to the reader in the place where I left it - perfection!

    I would use it all the time and give up on WP if it wasn't for the fact that the WP reader is integral to WP so I don't need to login to two apps, I can follow blogs easily without having to faff around adding rss feeds to bloglovin' and the topic search is superior on the WP reader. In my opinion the WP reader was perfecly good before the changes and is perfectly bad since and I have no clue as to why it was changed as I see no benefit to anybody by the changes?

    Basically I'd like the WP reader returned to how it used to be, ie. the same as the bloglovin' reader is now. Why not give us users more flexibility in how we'd like to use the reader by building in options into our profiles? This way we could have a setting to allow those of us who choose to go directly into the original blog post when clicking on a post title rather than getting the popup?

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply and hopefully you will also come up with an answer to the missing word counts as it is driving my wife insane!! ;-)

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