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    *news instead of new (in the 2nd para)


    I agree with gaurabm89. Likes up, visits down, no explanation to users, next to no recognition that there is an issue for many users.


    @gaurabm89 has made an excellent point! I think WP needs to put a tutorial in the Daily Post that better explains navigation of the “new reader”
    Again, stats aren’t important to me but they ARE important to many. Unless I’ve missed it, I don’t think WP has addressed the impact of the new reader on blogging stats? This is another topic worth outlining in the Daily Post.



    I can’t say I’ve really noticed a problem with the stats personally but then 99% of my views come from external search engines such as google image searches. This is probably because my blog posts are on a specialist subject that very few WP readers would be interested in


    has a big worldwide following of non WP users. Also most vintage Land Rover owners are not bloggers but do use google to search for parts and for help on fixing them. :-)

    Thus my issues with the reader changes are very little to do with stats but rather the inconvience and poor design of the new popup that appears in all browsers on all computers regardless of whether I’m on a mobile device or not.


    It ‘s pretty much been said by everyone here. I do not rate the new pop up window at all. It’s an extra, unneeded layer and acts as a barrier to posts. The other info, now omitted, was useful for browsing. I see the word count has reappeared and clicking on that goes straight to the post. But why the changes? Any useful reason? If not, can we please revert? This is not an improvement.


    I do not like the changes to the Reader. I do not like that fewer people are visiting my site, and I do not like opening two windows for every post I view. It’s definitely not an improvement, and I cannot imagine how this change benefits anyone.



    Please don’t use this forum to enlighten people about the immense popularity of your blog, let this forum be used for the problems in the reader.I think people are hardly interested to who like your blog and what are the sources of the traffic.

    Point to be noted, the likes in the posts have increased many fold but the visitors have decreased. We are only stating about WP users who use reader to access each other’s blog.

    There can be thousand other ways to get the traffic but I think this forum isn’t for talking about that. Regards.


    I’m 100% in agreeance with these comments. The purpose of a reader is to make it EASIER to get a reader to my blog. If they can read my content without even getting to my blog, what’s the point? It’s the days that I get a lot of hits and a few visitors that I like the best. That means someone got to my blog, liked what they read, then spent a bunch of time reading my other content. That’s a new and loyal reader that I’ve just won. If you don’t go to my site and see what it looks like and who I am, how can I win your long term readership?

    WordPress wins if I do well and other wordpress bloggers do well. They shouldn’t force us to stay directly on their site as all of our sites are technically their’s anyways. Just let people go directly to our blog as easily as possible.



    The reader looks overwhelmingly large to me, but I can deal with that.

    However, the popups to view a post I click on? No thanks. Take me directly to the post please. The popup irritates the hell out of me and may just make me leave the site altogether because of how freaking irritating it is. At the very, very least, make it optional.



    The pop up is my main complaint. Too many steps to get to the post, very slow on my iPad, doing much less viewing.

    Hopefully the populist an idea that is short lived.



    Another change in the reader is that some posts have this, “Sorry, this blog only allows us to show the first section of a post.” Is this a new feature? Can it be set up?


    That is not a new feature–that is the result of the setting in Settings -> Reading -> For each article in a feed, show Summary / Full Text. Many of us have chosen to set our blogs to show only a summary, as this prevents automated scripts from crawling through our RSS feed and wholesale stealing our content and posting it elsewhere.

    It now has the added benefit of showing only a summary in the Reader feed, making readers actually come to our blog to read our content. Same purpose (keeping feeds from allowing the whole post to be mined), but a new, added result.

    It is similar to the “More” tag that can be put into a post, making readers go to the actual post page to read the whole thing.



    Have tags now also been removed from the reader?

    My reader seems to be sorting posts by “category” instead with the name in place of where the tag used to be. Most of my reader tag follows keep showing a no posts in that topic message even though I know there are from the blogs I follow.


    I jut changed my setting back, to partial text, and I will bet it completely kills my stats. A hard choice to make!



    Thanks ecumenicallife.



    I looked at the posts in my Tags feed in the Reader, and while it seems like the one “tag” that the Reader chooses to display under a post may be taken from either the post’s categories or tags, it is still working like it used to–it displays all posts that have that particular tag.


    The changes to the reader have forced me to change the way I use it. I refuse to just “like” someone’s post without properly opening it and officially visiting their blog…the one that they carefully created for my reading benefit! I thought that’s what WordPress was all about, but now it is promoting a lazy response to posts in the reader. When I follow a blog, I want to go the blog.
    Yes, you can get there with the “more words” or time stamp, but this has not been advertised, so not all readers are aware.
    If there was some explanation of how these changes are supposed to improve the quality of our experience on this site……well, it would be a start.
    I am surprised that there has been no communication from WordPress regarding 10 pages of complaints. Although only 50 members have chosen to vote on a poll on my blog, 94% voted that they hated the new reader. We are not the minority.



    Here’s why me and other people are upset, in my opinion. Sure the reader is great for mobile, but the set up detracts from so many things: exploration, readers digging deeper and community.

    And that’s the heart of blogging. Be separating content from the blogs, you’re actively discouraging exploration. My favorite thing about WordPress is the great widgets and ways people use them. I can find an established blog and easily see their top posts from the past five years, follow them on Twitter, see when their book is coming out, their most recent comments, etc.

    Now all I see is content. So on one hand you’re building these great things for community and interaction, and the reader feels like a giant wall that’s in the way of that.

    From a development standpoint, mobile is great. But the negative side of most mobile apps is they don’t have complete functionality. Most people think mobile and they think “crappier version of the site.” But they enjoy it as a way to get content. I love mobile. I love reading on my mobile, but the new reader feels like I’m getting the crappy mobile experience on the web, not a great all around experience.

    Just my two cents. Glad to see you trying to make changes though — just not with this one.




    To be fair, most blogs on WP that I visit have the ‘enable mobile theme’ enabled within their Appearance/Mobile options. Most themes with this setting enabled (and even some with it disabled!) ONLY show the post contents on a mobile phone and reformat the blog so that the right hand side side bar is hidden at the foot of the post rather than being visible on the right hand side. The top page tabs are then placed in a drop down menu, blog formats and images are lost etc, etc.

    The new reader has not changed that so most blogs viewed on a mobile even before the new reader changes did not display correctly or as their creator intended.

    I disabled the mobile version on my blog so that when people visit they get the whole blog as would be seen on a desktop PC. Clearly this is not ideal on a tiny screen however most modern mobile device allow you to tap the screen in the middle section of the blog post and they automatically expand the post to fit the screen for reading, another tap zooms back out to allow the reader to use the categories, archives and other widgets as they would on a PC.

    Sadly my wife also disabled the mobile option on her blog but her theme still display the mobile version anyway and because she uses categories like me for user navigation of her site it renders the site unusable for most mobile readers.

    To prove the point, my blog opens up fine in Bloglovin from the feed, taking me or any other visitor straight into the full blog whereas bloglovin still opens up my wifes blog in the mobile friendly, badly formatted and unusable version so it is nothing to do with the new reader.

    The only real issue with the new reader is the extra steps required to get to that post content by loading the popup, then clicking view original content.

    My theme is ‘MistyLook’ which with the mobile version disabled does indeed show the full post in the properly formatted blog as per a PC view. My wifes theme is ‘The Yoko Theme’ which still display a mobile cut down version even with mobile version disabled! It may be worth testing their theme and its settings on various mobile devices.




    It would appear so. The tag that kept showing up blank originally is now showing posts going back 8 hours although blogs I follow the same topic goes back a few weeks. Not a surprise if they are tinkering with the reader.

    I suppose that is my next complaint about the new reader. If we can only have 1 tag showing can we please select which one it is?

    And as an add-on, at 1600×900 resolution its crazy that I still average only 1 post per monitor screen in my reader. This is very unhelpful and makes using the reader more difficult, not easier. I didn’t buy a 20″ wide monitor screen so I could have a cell phone experience.

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