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    What the….!
    I don’t know what the idea behind the new reader operation is, but I’m now doing three clicks to reach something that took me one. the three with the subsequent load times is drastically reducing my enjoyment – I hate pissing about – and there will be a subsequent significant reduction in the number of blogs/posts I can visit. So dear people, expect fewer likes/comments from me. (I thought good web design was about reducing clicks….. maybe it looks good on the wordpress stats…?_



    Dear WordPress,

    I used to love you so much. But sadly you now seem to be trying your best to drive me away, first from the blog reader and maybe even from my blog at all if you plan to keep implementing horrible disimprovements with no consultation.

    Seriously, your blog reader is now, as so many others have said, unusable. I shall be checking our Bloglovin and other blog readers. I shall continue to check back here to see if you have bothered to change back, but if you don’t, consider me gone, voting with my e-feet.

    I shall keep my blogs here, for now, but my loyalty to your site is gone. I shall not be recommending you to anyone else like I used to do (I know some people set up blogs with you because of that recommendation) and I am surely not alone, remember the rule of thumb that for every person who bothers to get in touch at least a hundred probably share their feelings. So do please bear in mind that you are seriously cutting off your nose by being so heavy handed.

    What happened to making things optional? Or to basic consultation? Or to listening to your users? In this whole thread there is one post saying they like the new changes, and with no elaboration I am inclined to suspect they are a plant or even a troll.

    Are you now so big that you no longer need to worry about creating a pleasant user experience? You think you’ll get enough new users to compensate for those of us who leave over this? You think enough of your current users are sheeple who will take any crud you throw at them? You have lost respect for us and we lose respect for you.

    I have been very grateful for your sterling service over the years since I started blogging. I have admired the great job you have done. Please go back to being that company I admired, even loved.

    This is starting to feel like a break-up! I don’t want to humiliate myself by begging :) I loved you once, I can still love you, but you have changed into someone I longer know and it feels like you don’t love me any more. I can’t stay under those terms. I am going for a trial separation, but I’ll come back like a shot if you change back.

    Knotrune xxx



    colourcottage, yes agreed, a ‘reader style’ setting in our dashboards would be the best solution :-)

    I work away from home a fair bit so have recently upgraded to a smartphone as it meant I can manage the blog while away, answer peoples queries and comments etc. I still prefer doing it all via the PC to be honest but the wordpress app was working well for me.

    My phone uses windows mobile 8 operating system and I dare say most of the WP developers are using iPhones. The windows phones have not been popular in the past so takje up was slow and thus not well supported however my phone is superb and far superior in just about every way to an iPhone and it is much cheaper on contract too. Most people that currently own iPhones that have sene and used my Nokia windows phone have decided to switch to windows phone at the end of their current contracts so in a year or so we’ll see a big surge in it. In the meantime it seems WP developers are’t paying it much attention, tehy can’t possible have tested the new reader changes on it or they would have found the bugs straight away. The bug is on all windows phones as my wifes phone exhibits the same problems using the new reader.

    stephenhip, your point about stats may be true, could it be that lazy bloggers who only types a one liner and a link to a picture or video were previously being ignored by those of using the reader as we could see the word count of zero and didn’t bother clicking into the post and thus no hit for that blogger. Now with no word counts we have to click into every post thus massively increasing the hits across wordpress which at the end of the day earns WP more revenue from advertising. I can understand that they need to earn money to cover costs and make a profit but there has to be a compromise between the moeny making and the quality of service to us WP users. If the intention was to increase hits it has surely misfired as at the moment I can’t use the reader at all on my mobile and thus can’t visit any blogs or read posts so am not using it at all. Normally I’d have read hundreds of posts over the last few days, I’ve just about managed a dozen this week……



    oops, apologies for so many spelling mistakes in that last comment :-(



    Don’t like the new design at all.



    Je n’aime pas non plus!!!!



    I was only absent a few days and I came back to a mess on the Reader. Been scrolling through comments here to try a way to fix it but am I right in that the people I follow need to amend their own settings so it may be a awkward reading anyone who hasn’t?

    I am clicking on their post in my reader and the tab at the top of my screen displays as if that page is open but I am still looking at my reader list and not their post. Others opened up in a small window but you don’t see their full blog.

    I’m hoping there are ways around this as it will be a terrible shame if there isn’t, it’s seriously hampers the ability to follow the people I love and interact with them. These are the things that made WordPress head and shoulders above other blogging platforms, and it now seems to have become clunky and awkward.

    I read that it works better for mobiles, but I guess I am on a different wavelength to others as I sit down at a computer to read people’s posts, I take time to do it, I’m not all rushing on the go, I want to engage with people and this new system doesn’t appear to allow that.

    This isn’t Twitter and we’re not all 14 year old kids making pithy comments where a mobile app makes more sense, people devote much more time into their blogs and this makes it nigh on impossible to read them and cuts off the connection we had made with each other.

    I hope I am not over dramatising but it appears so many people are having the same problem so this will pretty much kill using WordPress for me, I don’t know of many other platforms but it seems like either everyone will migrate there or may not blog as much as the simplicity has been taken away. The people I follow are mothers, fathers, people with jobs and taking time out to blog is a release for them, an outlet to the world and it needed to be simple and it was, it made the biggest technophobes amongst us be able to have our own page out there in the ether.

    Or maybe I just need to move with the times and start posting pictures of my ‘duck face’ or what I had for dinner to fit in with the new format?



    I have nothing new to add to the above comments, I just want to cast another vote for putting things back the way that they were before. Having to go through two screens to reach the blogs that I want to read is really annoying.


    If wordpress aspires to be the new twitter, it’s the death of real blogging. They are two different markets, why try to merge them? This is like having your dinner and dessert on the same plate, neither taste very good together.

    Well, sales of Premium themes are sure to hit bottom.



    I dont care how the new reader looks, as long as I can READ with it. But right now, when I click on something, I get to the first post on the site, so it just doesnt work. Thats very sad for the blogs I follow, as I now cant read what people are writing. I believe that is not what you intended to achieve with the changes.
    And the counting doesnt work either. It is nice of you to try and make things better, but if they dont work, please put them back to what they were.
    Thank you.



    To me the worst thing is that a post in my reader no longer opens by clicking on the title or picture. Doing so opens a pop-up window that gives me the option to “view original”. That’s a rather roundabout and time consuming way to open a post.



    FTAO WordPress Staff.

    With reference to the new reader not being usable on my mobile phone, here are the specs of the phone and the journey I follow. Hopefully this will help you identify the problem.

    Nokia 925 with screen resolution of 768×1280
    Windows Phone 8 build 8.0.10328.78
    Wordpress APP Version

    I click into the app, go to ‘view admin’, then click the WordPress icon in top left hand corner and choose ‘reader’ from the drop down menu. Then click the large font post title on a post to get the new (naff ;-) ) popup.

    Problem 1 – The popup shows a blank space at the top where on my PC it shows a view full post link so I can’t view the post on the blog as I want to be able to do.

    Problem 2 – the scrolling doesn’t work so on a long post I can’t scroll down and read the bottom half of the post.

    Problem 3 – there is now no way to get to the persons blog at all so I have to hit the close button in the top left hand corner to return to the reader. If I click the blog name, now in tiny font at the top and barely visible on a phone it takes me into ANOTHER reader showing all the posts from that blogger. Opening any of the posts from there and I am back with the same issues again.

    Problem 4 – If I click on the blog name, now in much bigger text on the top of this 2nd reader it does nothing so I can’t get into the bloggers blog that way either. So basically I can’t access any blogs via my phone at all now.

    Problem 5 – Then when in the new popup, if I click the back button on my phone (as there is no back link on the popup page) I get taken to the wordpress apps home page NOT the reader. This may be a bug in my phones OS though to be fair.

    So for an update that WordPress staff have claimed to be aimed at improving the experience of mobile users, it has completely broken the reader to the point where it is simply not possible to use on my mobile phone, or my wifes for that matter.


    I tried out the new Reader on my tablet, and it works mostly the same as it does on the desktop. But it is still buggy, with the comment box getting stuck and blocking the middle of the post, and clicking on a post from a blog that only posts summaries results in a white box covering the entire screen until I click something else–so, it doesn’t really work.

    What is ironic is that WordPress News doesn’t publish entire posts to feeds, only summaries–meaning WordPress makes me go to the original blog post if I want to read the post, not use the Reader.



    Update to my post above, the issue with the popup window on my windows phone is a problem on posts that are longer than a few words.

    So if you try and view this post:

    On my mobile this pops up in the new window and is so long that I can’t scroll down to view the bottom half of the post. Because of the lack of ‘view original’ link at the top this means I can’t go to the original post at all.

    However if I view a post on a blog thas has SUMMARY only enabled for feeds then I only get a few words plus a ‘view full post’ link at the bottom of the summary. This works fine on my mobile and I can then get into the original post.

    So it seems the issue is with blogs that have FULL TEXT on feeds enabled. If the whole post is shown it doesn’t work in the popup on our windows phones via the wordpress app reader.



    Ah, forgot to add, once I finally do get into the original posts on those blogs set to SUMMARY only feeds, I can’t get back as there is no ‘return to reader’ link on the blog page and my phones back button takes me back to the wordpress app home page instead of the reader where I’d come from. This is infuriating to have to navigate each time I try and read a post.


    On my smartphone, I can’t comment at all. If the recent updates to the Reader were designed with mobile devices in mind, it didn’t work for me. :-(

    It seems that there is a very significant population who prefer the old Reader. Perhaps a few people do like the new Reader, though it’s a tiny percentage among those I’ve interacted with.

    Assuming that there are many people who like the new Reader (that’s a strong assumption, and I’m doubtful about it), WordPress could offer us reading options:

    Classic Reader—recommended for reading on a pc or laptop: Press a button in your preferences and make the Reader go back to the way it was. That would make many of us very happy.

    Mobile Reader—recommended for reading on a cell phone or tablet. This would be the way the Reader is currently.

    I’m also doubtful that the current Reader is a better option for mobile devices. That’s not the case on my smartphone. However, giving us two options would be far better than making a very significant percentage of us unhappy. Here is WordPress’s opportunity to “engineer some happiness.”

    I fell in love with WordPress in 2013. The Reader was awesome the way it was. Many of us have come to this forum because we love the way WordPress was, and we’re hoping to see this issue resolved favorably so that we can continue to love WordPress and keep our blogs here.

    It would have been wise to give a heads-up before making these changes; that would have removed the shock element. WordPress might consider this before implementing future changes.


    To me the worst thing is that a post in my reader no longer opens by clicking on the title or picture. Doing so opens a pop-up window that gives me the option to “view original”. That’s a rather roundabout and time consuming way to open a post.

    Second that, and agree to most complaints in this thread. Everything is worse than before, please improve it. This way, I don’t want to use the WP Reader anymore.


    It appears, that if there’s a link in the post, you click it and go directly to the new URL. So what I’ll be doing from now on is begin each of my posts with a direct link to itself with a “Click here to open outside the WordPress reader”.


    Adding my voice of complaint to all the above. My husband just bought me a Windows 8 phone and for all of one day I was able to use it to view all the blogs I follow via the wonderful old Reader. Then, overnight, the reader changed and now I can’t view the blogs via the reader at all. What a dreadful change and if it was for the benefit of followers using mobile devices then all I can say is that your test team let you down big style!

    If you are going to make a change for the benefit of mobile devices then surely it would make sense that you get a wide variety of said devices to test the changes on BEFORE you put them live.

    Either way, I am a huge believer of ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it’ which is a mantra that, judging from the recent and ill advised number of changes that have been arbitrarily applied across the system, WordPress would do well to adopt.

    Now when can we have the old Reader back please? Or at the very least the option to choose which version we use.



    Suggestions for new reader:
    1. Show two buttons: “Read in pop-up” and “Read in blog”.
    2. Show word count.
    3. Show more tags.

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