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Reader changed?

  1. WordPress needs to change the reader to what it used to be for years. The new reader is obnoxious. Encouraging "Like" through the reader and not going to the actual blog. Also, it takes up too much time to click "See Original" and it is too hard on computers having so many windows open.
    Slows things down and overheats.
    IF IT AIN'T BROKE DON't FIX IT! ...And it wasn't broke, so make it the way it used to be.

  2. Having to click twice to get to the actual blog is time-consuming and rather obnoxious. If I click on it, it's because I want to read the post: it's that simple. Not taking us to the blog completely removes the point of all the formatting choices bloggers make and discourages traffic. Why do it?

  3. mishunderstood

    It worries me that when I write, someone who knows nothing of my motivation or underlying inspiration for the post, simply assumes the role of choosing which tags are shown and which of my posts THEY feel are "related articles". What next? Maybe you would like to write for us too?

    SO many changes and none of them would be reasons to stay here on WordPress. It makes no sense.
    Please vote here....and WordPress, please listen to your loyal members!

  4. waynestohsartanddesign

    I am very disappointed and frustrated! It does not make things more convenient, it's a step backwards. The scrolling back and forth in my reader is ridiculous! I never had to do that before. Now anytime I return from looking at a new post, it automatically goes all the way to the top of the feed and and I have to scroll way down again and then repeat whenever I want to read a new post. This is completely inefficient!

  5. cosgroveloretta

    Bringing back the word count is a first step, but hiding the direct link to the blog in the word count is again a joke. The link belongs in the title, that's the place where common sense expects it to be.

    And PLEASE bring back the tags! One Tag is another bad joke of the wordpress developers, since they take away an important instrument for readers to see if a full post is interesting for them.

    An example: this blog entry shows the tag "B├╝cher" (books) in the reader, so it is from general interest for me. What the reader does NOT show would be much more interesting for me: the tags "fantasy" and "jugendbuch" (young adult). Interesting because I despise this kind of books (sorry, minorherba), so missing this information I clicked through to a blog entry and went *meh* about it. Let me experience some more disappointments and I'll stop caring at all about blog entries which don't blare in the first sentence about what exactly they are, so I know if it's worth clicking through. Which will let me miss a lot of good blogs, and the bloggers the hits on their stats.

    Tags are important for bloggers and readers, so reducing them down to just one in the wordpress reader is simply silly and destructive to the experience one has on this site.

  6. @aethersea
    just click at the "... more words" or at the time stamp in the lower left: a new tab or a new window opens with the article in its original blog ...

    You were jumped to the topof the reader even if you open an article in a new tab (using the hint above)?

  7. waynestohsartanddesign

    If I click on the post title or picture, I get the slimmed down version of the blog. When I click on the View Original, a new tab opens with the full version of the post. However, when I close out of this tab, I am returned to the slim down version, which, when I close out of this automatically takes me to the top of the reader. And then I have to scroll back down and the process repeats for any blog I want to read.

  8. @waynestoh

    Don't click title nor view original! Never ever! ;-)

    Use "... more words" or the time stamp in the lower left - the article will be opened in a new Tab / window. Okay, it's not easy to change a habit (don't know if habit is the right word for "Gewohnheit") - but it's the way they gave us.

  9. waynestohsartanddesign


    That works. Still don't like how it's been changed though.
    Thanks for the assistance :)

  10. thelandroverownerswife

    Dear Happiness Engineers,

    The word count 'fix' seems to be a bit hit and miss.

    My most recent post (you know the one that is actually about growing my own vegetables but your Reader has selected the 'food' tag for out of the half dozen or so I chose) hasn't got a Reader generated 'more words' showing and yet the previous few posts I have published do have the Reader word count showing. In fact all the other posts on my Reader have the 'more words' bit now.

    All my posts are written following, on the whole, the same structure: highlighted first paragraph, with a photo usually on the right hand side and then the 'more' tag after the first paragraph or second paragraph depending on length.

    So why is the count missing from my most recent post (I have manually added a count to the top with link to full post as an interim measure)?

    I awaited with interest your reply.
    Many thanks.

  11. WordPress seems determined to disengage our readers from our blogs. This is getting worse not better. The reader should take people directly to the blog, not some intermediate stopping point that is incomplete and from which it is extremely difficult to get to the entire blog.

    WordPress - you are so tied up with adopting new technology that you have lost sight of your purpose which is to make a platform that brings bloggers and readers together easily and in a way they can easily interact. Get back to the basics, you are making many users unhappy.

  12. I suspect the stats are not working the way they should be. For every 10 likes I used to get between 5 and 7 hits on the post in the stats. This has dropped way off. These may be showing up in the home page line or something, but the change is dramatic.

  13. @deremil thank you for the tips. Jumping to the top of the reader can be avoided by opening a new window or tab. WP needs to make these choices more prominent as they are grayed out now. A go to directly to the original would be preferable. I guess next we will see advertising in the reader because they don't want anyone to go past it.

  14. smallhousebiggarden

    I had posted this in the wrong area I guess, and was told to repost it here, so here goes:

    I love progress and rarely cling to "old" ways, so i'm making an exception when I say "I want the old reader back!"
    This wierd pop-up window doesn't show the posts as the writer intended they be shown! Isn't that the whole point of blogging? Instead we get this strange flat pop-out that freezes half the time! Is there any way to go back to the old one? if not, please do something better than this!!!!

  15. @ephem

    There are ways to go direct to the posts in the original blog.

    Don't click at the title nor a picture.

    If you click at the "... more words" or at the time stamp at the lower left in the article's preview (directly in the reader).

  16. smallhousebiggarden

    Thank you for that tip @deremil.

  17. I think you are right about the stats Ron. My have tanked since the last few days.

  18. rakmilphotography

    My stats have tanked since the change.

  19. mishunderstood

    I wonder why WordPress would want to take away our individuality by encouraging readers to view our posts in this silly blue snippet. We have been given these wonderful tools to create our own unique blogs and now readers may never see it, if they don't bother clicking again.
    As far as stats, I don't really keep track of my views as much as my followers, but I know that speaking out about the changes to the reader has prompted much discussion on my blog.
    I'm not sure to what extent the developers at WordPress view our blogs to read our comments, but if any of you are listening, there are many comments to read here.

    I also did a search of "wordpress reader" and found some other blogs that have addressed this issue. Hopefully you will read this interesting input from your members and take us back to the user friendly reader that we loved!

  20. Why does the popup window, when you click 'view original article' also open up a new tab for you? If I want to open it in a new tab, I'll do so myself thank you very much.

    Also guys: I'm sorry to say but the new reader is likely here to stay. WordPress is pretty awesome in general, but they're horrible at admitting when they've made a mistake.

  21. I think there is a solution to this if the powers at Automatic want to listen. Make the default response go direct to the blog as it did before and add a button labeled "mobile users" or something like that for the lazy ones who don't want to see the blot.

    Me thinks this recent change is about cutting load on the servers. So in the end it is about money.

    I remain annoyed that orientation changes in the carousel on Android phones cause he carousel to mess up. It works on an iPad, but I have not tried it on the iPhone that resides here. (Sorry if you like iOS, but I would rather drink Drano.)

  22. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who noticed a dive in in stats. I mean a HUGE sink. Gee, thanks WordPress.

  23. Sorry, but I'm not liking the new format much. Is it possible that I could be changed back to old format? How do you edit posts now ???

  24. Sorry, but I'm not liking the new format much.

  25. Okay. I see on some posts in the reader "...336 more words" now if I click on the word count I am directly taken to the blog, with no pop-up window.

    How do I get that option on my blog posts? I just followed my own blog and posted a new post, as I wanted to see how it came up in the reader. I did use the 'more' tag in my post thinking that would work, but no.

    Any advice?

  26. Okay the time stamp works - however not all blogs have the 'more words' option. Why is that?

  27. This morning, I keep seeing the same post over and over again in the reader.

    Happy Engineer: it would be greatly appreciated if you could address the stats issue.

    Thank you

  28. Meanwhile, deremil's solution works.

  29. Please add the "enhancement" of my WordPress Reader experience to the list with Custer, the Titanic and the Hindenberg. On my iPad, it scrolls like molasses, blocks content in the pop up window with a Comment pop up window and usually, ends up freezing the reader tab (no problem with other tabs).

    As a blogger, my recent Reader experience tells me that my site is now even harder to find. That's not really what I expected or desire -- especially when I've managed to get the attention of a person who clicked to read my blog.

    Perhaps a little less "happiness" engineering and a little more functional, user friendly code would be in order -- or, just let me go back to the old Reader.

    Thank you.

  30. mishunderstood

    So far on a poll on my blog, only 41 people have voted, but 38 have voted that they "hate" the new WordPress reader. I know it is a very small form of measurement considering the number of members on WordPress, but the fact remains that so far, over 92% of those that voted are not happy. :(
    I would assume that this ratio would continue on a larger scale as well.
    You would think that WordPress would listen to their members' opinions and concerns. The reader worked great the way it was!

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