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    @mud4fun: Catering primarily to the “make money blogging while going snowboarding”-bloggers is perhaps part of a conspiracy to get everyone over 30 off the internet, LOL. Being real, ordinary and wanting proper conversations with people around the globe simply blocks the pipelines or something. ;-)




    If you’re on Windows, try out GreatNews

    It imports the wp-exported html-File and works although it’s a beta


    Thanks, I’ll check it out!


    My number of views has decreased by half since the new reader came out. This is ridiculous.



    I’m currently getting more stat hits from the WP search engine that updates the ‘My Blogs’ page with screenshots of my blogs than actual views.


    This is depressing. Opening the window on the reader may show up in total hits, but it does not seem to reflect in the detailed stats. This looks to me like a “corporate” decision that will not be reversed no matter how loud the community screams. The stats problem might get fixed.

    It is a real bummer for those who have invested in premium themes, or have done a lot of work to give their blog a distinctive look.

    If there is so much concern for mobile users, why is it that teh carousel does not work right on the last three Android phones I tried it on?

    My blog consists mostly of photography and a phone is way too small, to view it properly. Most phones are cinema aspect ratio, so most photographs don’t fit right. Why doesn’t that get fixed?

    Timethief, if you don’t believe me go look at my blog or any other photography oriented blog using galleries.


    It is obvious that the new reader is disliked in so many ways. I don’t know what it takes to make them listen, but I decided to blog about it!

    Here is another place to vent and a poll to express how you feel about the reader changes.




    It is a good job my wife wasn’t around when I just visited your blog because not only do the pictures show up fine on my phone, they show in very graphic detail……;-)

    The gallery is also working fine for me on a Nokia 925 windows 8 phone.

    I’m going to have visions of girls in chain mail bikinis stuck in my head for the rest of the day now, thanks!!!! ;-)




    Sorry, I just realised I was within the wordpress app on my phone when I accessed this thread and clicked on your user name. Thus your blog opened fine in the app and the posts appeared correctly OK and the gallery loaded up and scrolled through OK.

    Sadly I also tried accessing your blog from IE browser on the phone (not from the WP app) and your blog then is not correctly formatted, appears random and the gallery doesn’t work but instead you get huge pictures that don’t fit on the page properly and can’t be made to fit either. The images have next/previous links above them for navigation but it is very clunky.

    Can you have a look at your blog settings and see what you have steup for mobile phones?

    I’m curious because I found with my own blog theme (mistylook) that by actually disabling the mobile friendly setting the blog was then displayed correctly on my mobile and the categories that were previously placed at the bottom were then back on the right side. Since turning off the mobile friendly setting I’ve had a huge jump in blog visitors with some days as much as 40% of my views coming from people on mobile devices. I suspect this is because they can now see the categories on the right hand side which on my blog are vital for site navigation through the hundreds of technical articles. True, the font sizes are now tiny as the site is displayed exactly as it would be on a PC but with very modern smartphones like mine it takes just a tap of the finger for the phone to automatically zoom and fit the central post section onto the phones screens, another tap to zoom back out. A quick flick of the fingers zoom the categories and I can choose one then go into other posts. It is for this reason that I think the wordpress developers are actually way behind the times, most new smartphones have large and superb quality high resolution screens (my Nokia 925 has a 4.5″ screen and runs 1280×768) that there is simply no need to have a clunky basic large font window with the re-formatted post in it.



    I used to LOVE reader. Now I can’t even get to the blog without opening a new page and clicking on GO TO ORIGINAL POST. Of course I want to go to the original post! That’s why I’m clicking on it in the first place.

    The new design is very hard to follow as well. I liked the old format SO much better – Picture, then blog name, then the first few words…

    I’m not against change, but the changes need to be good ones. Please go back to the old Reader set up, WordPress, or something similar!

    Thanks for a great blog site and for listening to your users!


    After the initial negative comments about the new reader style I had naively though that WP had reversed some of the changes. In particular that all blogs with an image(S) included one image in the reader preview. So I was surprised to fin that today we are back to a an arbitrary selection of which blogs will have an illustration and which don’t. Add that to all the other negative comment and you do have to wonder if WP ever listen to users….but may be that is just a stupid idea



    Change for the sake of change? People have to justify their jobs.



    The recent changes to the WP Reader offend my sense of aesthetics and interfere with my desire for simplicity and logic in my online dealings.

    I had a few problems with the old Reader, but this new version makes me realize how good I had it. When accessed from my iPad, the current WP Reader is little more than a mess of unnecessary clicks and dead-ends…especially when I’m trying to interact with a site. These recent changes are definitely a big step in the wrong direction.



    I no longer have any issues at all with the Reader redesign. I exported the OPML file of all the sites I follow and am now reading them elsewhere. I apologize for the possible lack of page views on your sites as a result.

    What does impede my ability to manage my sites efficiently is the redesign of the “My Blogs” tab.

    What changed:
    From a simple text list with direct links to key functions (Manage Pending Comments!) to a widely spaced vertical index (MOAR SCROLL!) with site thumbnails (What, I don’t recognize my own children?!) and only partially useful links. I ask you, how many times a day will I be changing my Sharing settings or Customizing my site? Obviously someone thinks I should be.

    And I’ve already posted at length (HA!) about the change to the “Comments I made” tab.

    So, dear, maybe a community-wide survey about how we community members would like to use our front page would be in order.



    Thank you for the visit, and sorry about the brain damage. What I found is when accessing the blog from the reader the gallery displayed correctly at first by showing image attachment pages instead of using the carousel. Then I clicked on the blog title at the top to get back to the home page and tried another post and that put me into the dreaded carousel.

    The theme I use, Twenty Twelve is supposed to not need the mobile friendly setting. I could disable the carousel, but that means I have to redo most of my galleries. It is worth a try.



    I checked and the mobile theme was enabled so I disabled it. Also I disabled the carousel which does not work right on mobile phones, at least the android phones I have tried it with and that is with more than one browser.

    It is difficult to enjoy photography on anything smaller than a tablet. I have seen the sight work 100% correctly (including the carousel) on an iPad.


    After some testing it appears the problem with the carousel on mobile phones is it gets confused if the orientation of the device is changed.


    The changes to the reader are baffling. None of them have any benefit that I can see, except to be annoying. I believe that most members DO NOT LIKE the changes. I have started a poll that reflects this. Let them know how you feel. Join me in blogging about it.

    WordPress, are you listening to your members?
    The reader used to wonderful. Why mess with a good thing?




    Yes, I see what you mean, if I change the orientation of the phone while the carousel is open it doesn’t re-align correctly into the landscape format and ends up partly off the screen and with images overlaid over images so it is not just an Android problem then as mine is a windows OS and it was in an IE browser.

    So really we are stuffed at the moment because the WordPress App works great for managing the blog, viewing stats and answering a few comments but it will not allow lanscape orientation at all so makes viewing wide format blogs or galleries tedious. Then the App also has a distasterous bug of not working with the phones back button so if I go into your blog from the reader there is no return to reader link shown on the blog so I have to press the phones back button but with the wordpress app that takes me straight back to the apps home page rather than the reader. I then have to go back into the admin, choose reader, find the next post and go into that etc, etc, basically unusable. However if I use the IE browser to access the sites I can use the reader to go in and back out of posts OK but then all the admin stuff is broken and the menu options, drop downs etc all end up either behind each other or off the page so are unusable. Since the last few days worth of WP updates have rolled out WordPress is now just about unusable on my phone and not much better on the PC. I’ve hardly read any blog posts this week as the reader is so painful to use.

    On top of that they’ve meddled in other areas too, now when I go to ‘my blogs’ the link to go to the dashboard has gone and instead has been replaced with Posts, Pages etc. This is annoying as I liked to go into the dashboard on its home page.



    PS @ronscubadiver, I’ve had a read through your site and noticed that you believe you’ve received a million hits in two years. How are you measuring your hits?

    Are you aware that beacuse you have galleries on most of your posts WordPress may be artificially increasing the page hits on your blogs stats by a VAST degree.

    For example, if you have a gallery with 50 pictures in it and ONE person visits ONE page of your blog and launches the carousel and that person scrolls through all the pictures your WordPress blogs stats will record FIFTY page views. Of course in reality the genuine views will be ONE as recorded on Statcounter or Quantcast etc.

    While it makes us feel good to see huge numbers of page views if you have the ad packages you may be dissapointed in what revenue you actually get as it will not be based on the 50 hits but the 1. I’ve seen many complaints on the Net about wordpress’s Ads package and how little it seems to pay out compared to how many hits people think they are getting, I suspect the ‘artifical’ page views could be to blame. I use statcounter to record my stats as it records an actual visit on an actual page. While the page views count is far less than my WordPress blog stats, I do at least have a better feel for reality rather than WordPress World!! :-)

    PPS. I also discovered another wordpress bug while on your site. If I was viewing pictures in the gallery from within your sections, occasionally when exiting the gallery it would shoot me back up to the top of the section rather than return me to the place where I was in the list of posts. This was mighty infuriating when I’d scrolled down through lots of posts. I’ve seen this happen on the reader too so I think it is a widespread issue but not sure if it just on my Windows 8 phones or all phones?

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