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    Add me to the list too. Reader has been a problem since yesterday and now just doesn’t load at all. Thankfully it’s Christmas, and so WP can get stuffed.



    Got also these problems since the last 2 days. Using Safari. What’s wrong?



    The title of this topic is misleading if the comments are read in total (sorry, yourothermotherhere, no disrespect intended). What seems to be the problem is that Reader is loading too much and locking the page up. I can’t even scroll through the short group of the blogs I follow and I’ve given up on going into topics such as Art and Photography because the result is always the same… a locked up page. I also notice that the views and likes to my blog: have dropped off dramatically since the 23rd and I’m wondering if the problem with Reader is responsible.

    Timethief… I note that this thread is tagged for Staff Attention and I thank you for that. Hopefully, resolution of this situation will be in the near future, but I recognize that it is a holiday season as well.


    Well, I haven’t changed the number of blogs on my Reader, so that’s not it.

    There are actually 3 complaints here that may or may not be related. One, the Reader cannot be used with IE9. Why doesn’t WordPress fix that?

    Two, the Reader isn’t loading, or loading so slow that it’s useless in almost every OS. That tends to point to the problem being WordPress.

    Three, everything in WordPress now is down to a crawl if you can get it to work at all. At least that’s how it is for me.

    There is a definite problem going on and instead of getting better, it’s getting worse.

    I would have more patience with this if WordPress stated what the problem was and that they are working to correct it.




    Yes the flash player is a problem too. I was just in Firefox and watched what programs were running in the Task Manager and the flash player just kept hogging all the memory going in circles. Please someone at WordPress fix this and then fire the person who thought this was a good idea.




    Firefox just told me there’s a broken script on the reader page. I just tried to reproduce it, to get the link of the script, but honestly it’s too painful to wait. I was able to read the reader yesterday with IE8. It was reloading often, but at least wasn’t blocking.


    It’s amazing to me that we have to go through any of this to use WordPress. And then it still doesn’t work.


    My reader is reloading every 4 to 5 seconds, and even though it’s not slowing down my PC it IS annoying as hell to have a serious hickup on the screen!

    I’m using Chrome 23 on Windows 7.



    I’ll add my two cents: Reader loads extremely slowly, reloads repeatedly, eats up all my memory — also since the 23rd. I’m on Firefox 17 (which has crashed twice in the past two days as I’ve been trying to load the reader. No problems at all when I’m not logged on to WordPress, sooo…)





    (just trying to keep them all in one place)



    I have the same problem. As a matter of fact it has taken me over 10+ hours now, to finally figure out it’s not my computer, but wordpress and the reader section. The system gets bogged down when trying upload the blog posts that I follow – gets hung up w/o being able to connect.

    This problem wasn’t an issue prior to last week – I ran three virus protectors, cleared cache almost on an hourly basis and trust me, when I say I’m not new to computers. I had to un-follow every blog I follow so I could get my computer back. The experience has taken hours away from painting, you know being an artist is first not running a wordpress blog.

    I belong to three art communities online with millions of images uploaded and these issues do not exist – ever.

    I’m thinking that it has something to do with wordpress in using “” for loading blogs in the “blogs I follow” section. Because, as is right now, I’m on a different section of wordpress and I can move around very easily.

    As for “notawoodpecker” comment, many bloggers are encountering the issue and haven’t taken the time to write, because they are probably thinking it has to do with their computer. So I’m glad you have no problem w/wordpress, perhaps you weren’t following other blogs on wordpress – when you do, I guarantee you that you’ll bump up to the same issues as the rest of us.

    This week I’m going to re-examine whether I should go to google blogger and start my blog all over again, at a server that can handle blogger expectations.

    The only benefit I can see right now is that the experience in the last 5 days has made me re-think a portion of my business model and force myself to evaluate with I have a blog, it’s purpose and what expectations I have for server functions.

    It’s time for wordpress to address the issue with their blogging community and let us know what is going on. And the simple answer to change size of images is not the total answer, you have a responsibility with your bloggers to address the issue let us know at the very least that you are working on it.

    Bloggers want followers, but will not have many if they run into this issue while using WordPress.



    This problem has only recently started. I open the Reader to scroll through those I follow. In a few minutes the page begins to freeze. If I try to go to a blog page, it is almost impossible to move on the page. I get the same reaction that I might get if I had many many applications open. Mouse will barely move. But I only have the browser opened to the Reader page. There is nothing to do but try to relog in or more likely reboot. I am not having this lag/freeze on other internet sites. The effect is happening on the Reader page in both the FF and Chromium browsers. Someone suggested to me that my page might be corrupted. I hope you can offer a solution.

    My problem seems similar to the above posters. I have the problem in Linux and in Windows.


    I’ve been doing searches on this problem with WordPress and it’s been going on a few years. They really need to address this as flycatcher10 states. If it’s “” than change it, unless they have some financial reason for using it, in which case when they start losing too many bloggers maybe they’ll do something about it because I can’t believe there isn’t one single programmer on their payroll that doesn’t know how to work around this. And if there isn’t one, perhaps the person in charge needs to be replaced.



    I thought it was my computer acting up, good to know it is not me alone. Another thing I have noticed as well, is that no views or visits are being checked yet I have likes and comments. Am I the only one who is experiencing this?


    Any browser I’ve tried it’s the same problem except IE9 where the Reader doesn’t even load at all. Firefox is terrible.



    If this has been an ongoing problem for years, then that is a most disturbing bit of information indeed. My experience as a staffer in another user generated website (which I will not name) has been quite long (since 2004). While the membership there is approximately 250,000, any problems (and there have been some) with how smoothly the site runs were all addressed quickly by the qualified staff and with as little disruption as possible.

    The reasoning behind their quick action was doubtlessly that the website depended solely upon advertising rather than membership fees as it is a free site upon agreeing with the ToS. Few members posting because of platform issues would equal fewer views and click-throughs and so lessened the quality of the advertisers which they solely depended on to pay for their servers. Here, less is dependent on advert income and more on membership fees and, in that case, a few complaints about an issue like this can be easily put off until it becomes a more serious and talked about problem.

    WP Customers cannot be completely ignored, though, as doing so will gradually, but inevitably, spread among the community no matter how millions of members it has.

    It is my trust that this issue will, perhaps shortly after the holidays, be addressed by the WP admin as has been promised on page one of this thread. Reader is a valuable interactive tool for WP… at least, it is for me. Just to be able to use the Reader page for its basics, I’ve had to unfollow all of my blogs, which is unfortunate but not something which can’t be fixed once the Reader topic pages is working again.

    I’m not about to sell the Cadillac because the horn doesn’t work, which is how I see this issue, but I certainly don’t expect GM to tell me they can’t fix it either. Not having a horn on my car makes me a nervous driver.

    Don’t you just love parables?

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