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reader 'edit blogs' changed or missing link?

  1. It used to be that when I went to the Reader's 'edit blogs' I could click on the blog name and go directly to the blog, now each just goes to

    Has this been changed deliberately or is it a bug? I used to find it much easier to visit blogs I was following by visiting them directly via their links - now I can't do that.

  2. I click!/read/following/
    Then I click "edit lists" the page opens I find all the blogs I follow.!/read/edit/

  3. I see a blog link under every blog post title on that page:

  4. P.S. Are you using an IE browser? I'm using Firefox 13.

  5. Yes, so do I, TT, but what I'm saying is that the names of the blogs in that list are no longer active links.

  6. They are active links on mine.

  7. Sorry - they're active links to They are not active links to the blogs themselves. They used to be.

  8. Oh - then it must be a but. I'll flag this modlook, maybe staff can sort it out later or Monday. Thanks TT.

  9. bug.

    Gawd, my typing today is terrible!

  10. our comments are crossing, TT. Sorry. :(

    I'm using Firefox 11. (Tried updating but got horrible problems so am waiting for a more stable version).

  11. absurdoldbird, I'm having the same problem as you -- all the blog-name links go to the WordPress home page.

    Although when I click onto Blogs I Follow, I do get the latest posts with images, etc. 'Tho for me that is not the way to go as I am visiting them once a week/fortnight, not daily.

  12. My problem is slightly similar to Absurdoldbird and Jmnartsy. If I click on the Edit list / the name of the blog I am following, I get a blank page and "About: blank" as the Url address..........

  13. @akylarky
    Your issue is different and I answered your thread here >
    Please don't keep posting into other threads about this.

  14. Well, like the others, I am experiencing the same problem with accessing the blogs. This is why I raised my issue here. But dont worry, I won't do it again..........

  15. Not to worry as I have already flagged your other thread for Staff attention.

  16. Thank you Timethief.

  17. @absurdoldbird, same problem! As you say, it is a much easier way of visiting blogs.

    Scrolling through the endless Reader list is tedious and I very rarely have the time to go straight from an email notification of a new post to that post.

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