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    I only see 5-6 posts in Blogs I follow.
    The same in My Activity.
    I use Firefox (updated today) and I cleared cache and cookies

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, I’ve logged into your pellymade account and I see 176 sites under Blogs I Follow here:!/read/edit/

    Would you mind please uploading a screenshot of what you’re seeing under Blogs I Follow to help in troubleshooting?

    Here’s a guide on how to make a screenshot, if you’re not sure:

    You can upload the screenshot in your Media Library so I can see it. Thanks.

    Infinite Scroll is also working fine for me under My Activity on your account.

    To rule out a browser issue, could you please try Chrome and let me know if it makes a difference for you? Thanks very much.



    Thank you so much for your response.
    This is an old problem that happens every now and then. As far as I can see, today is a good day :)
    But I will send you the screnshot the next time it will happen hoping for a solution
    Again many thanks!



    My pleasure! The next time it happens, you could try turning off all your Firefox/Chrome extensions and add-ons, and restarting the browser. Here are instructions for doing that:

    If the problem goes away you can try reactivating the add-ons/extensions one-by-one to find the culprit.

    You can also try a different browser like Chrome to rule out a browser-specific issue.

    But I hope things stay OK for a long while. ;-)



    It happened again… here is the screen shot
    I tried the link you gave me about disabling the add-ons and I found out they were already disabled…
    Chrome is even worse…



    Thanks very much for the screenshot. I’ve brought this to our developers for investigation.

    When you say that Chrome is even worse, do you mean it shows fewer posts than your screenshot?



    You’re welcome!
    I hope it gets fixed because it’s a problem that comes and goes for a very long time now.
    I have reported this issue a number of times in the past:
    I have also noticed that not all posts I’ ve liked are shown, but that is something I cannot show you in a screenshot…
    About Chrome:
    I don’t have it in my pc, but when I tried it in a friend’s laptop I had the same issues plus some appearence problems. My blog was messed up, some features didn’t work, archive section missed some thumbnails, second page (nested) didn’t show… things like that.
    I have IE 8 as a backup browser but it’s the worse of the worse!
    I have reported this also but nothing happened so far…

    Thank you for answering :)



    I wanted to let you know that the issue with your missing posts in the Reader is on our developers’ radar but I don’t have an ETA on a fix. I’ll keep you posted here – apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime.

    My blog was messed up, some features didn’t work, archive section missed some thumbnails, second page (nested) didn’t show… things like that.

    If you’d like to try troubleshooting this other problem that’s unrelated to the Reader, feel free to start a new thread to describe the issue in detail, and add the word modlook in the Tags section so Staff will respond.



    Thank you for the update and tip!



    I wanted to inform you that my Reader problems aren’t over, but became more complexed…
    Lately I’ve been noticing a significant decrease of views and likes in my blog. I couldn’t explain it, but I noticed that I don’t see in my Reader all new posts from the blogs I follow.
    When I right clicked a specific blog in my Reader, I saw 2 posts that normally had to appear in my Reader area, but were missing.
    Maybe that same thing is happening to me… People just don’t see all my new posts in their Reader.
    I attach 2 screens with annotations to show you what I mean

    p.s.: I also noticed that occasionaly when I visit my Reader in a later time I see posts that I never saw before. Why is this happening?




    Thanks for the additional information.

    I double-checked that your recent posts should be showing in others’ Readers – all looks OK on that front.

    Our technical team is aware that you’re intermittently missing posts in your own Reader that are appearing on others’ sites. Since we haven’t been able to reproduce the issue yet, it’s a tricky one to fix, but it’s on their radar and I’ll keep you posted if I get any news. I will also let them know about the duplicate posts.



    I am beginning to lose hope that things will ever get fixed…

    I have still the same problems (my Activity < likes, Reader, posts, infinite scroll, Stats < views…)
    I am now certain that not all posts are shown in my Reader from the blogs I follow. When I visit their blog there is always a post or two that I haven’t seen in my Reader. I am sure this happens to my posts too.

    And my stats are not trustworthy. So many strange things happen there, that I could write a book about them…
    Yesterday a blogger from India “liked” most of my posts in the “top likes” (LIKED) widget of my blog so his views should appear in my stats.
    I know that when we use the Reader and like specific posts, that doesn’t count in our stats, but he had to visit my blog in order to see that I have a “top likes” widget.

    I am so sorry that I have to bother you all the time, but all these problems are very annoying and as I already mentioned I am afraid that they won’t be fixed. It’s more than a month now…



    Hi there, I’m really sorry this problem is continuing – I realize it’s frustrating. Unfortunately, rare, one-off issues specific to one account that we aren’t able reproduce are extremely difficult to fix.

    Do you have another account you might try using for a while just for blog subscriptions, to see if the Reader works better?

    In terms of your stats, as I mentioned earlier, it’s best if you start a new thread for other issues that aren’t related to the Reader. If you add the modlook tag Staff will be sure to have a look.



    It seems that each day a new and bad surprise awaits for me in WordPress…
    I hit “like” to a post in my Reader and it’s not counted nor it’s visible. I hit again with no result!
    It really feels that my blog destroys itself…
    Please help… Blogging for me became a never ending problem and all I can do is compromise… It is unbearable and no fun at all.
    Is this the way WordPress treats free members? I really hope not…



    I’m sorry you’re having trouble with likes. As I mentioned before, would you mind please starting a new thread for this separate issue? Please add the modlook tag to the post in the Tags area.

    You can start a new thread right here: Thanks very much.



    Hi pellymade, I wanted to get back to you and let you know that our developers have had a chance to look into all of your Reader issues.

    There is a technical explanation for the duplicate posts shown in your screenshot. Bear with me, because it is a little… technical. :-)

    The duplicate post in your screenshot – titled “magnolia half bloom” – is because the author changed the post “slug” after publication. The slug is part of the post’s URL, and it’s how we define a post’s uniqueness. Because the URL changed, the Reader can’t tell that the posts are the same, so it gets displayed twice. You can see what the post slug looks like here:

    I also wanted to clarify that My Activity does not load new activity in real time, you do need to refresh the page to see any new activity if you’ve kept the browser window open for a while.

    The other issues appear to be related to your specific setup, as Carolyn went through with you in your other post:

    Because starting up in Safe Mode returned things to the expected display, it means there is something in your computer/connection setup that’s interfering with the way the Reader is functioning. I wish we could do more to help with that, but we’re unable to reproduce this issue on all of our test machines even with all the extra information we were able to get from you with the extra troubleshooting tests. We appreciate your help in trying to sort out this problem.

    Since we can’t reproduce the problems you’re having, this means there’s nothing else we can try on our end to fix these problems as it seems to be unique to your specific computers/connection setup. We strive to make the experience on as user-friendly and hassle-free as possible for all users, but you have a very unique and isolated set of problems that we’re unable to completly solve. As a token of our appreciation for your patience, we have added a credit to your account – please check your email for the details.



    Hi Kathrynwp,
    thank you for the credit gift, it’s much appreciated, although I only wished for a solution.
    I don’t want to be as persistent as my blog troubles, but I must say that I really don’t think it’s a specific computer/connection setup problem. Some of the reasons:
    – I’ve never had infinite scroll problems, or missing posts when I am in the topics area. It only happens in the areas where a blogger makes specific choices (example: likes, follows)
    – As a matter of fact I’ve never had infinite scroll problems, when I visit a blog that features infinite scroll, or when I right click a blog’s name in my Reader.
    – I have the exact same problems (my Activity-Reader-scroll-likes-missing posts- missing likes etc…) in other computers I’ve tried
    – I have “met” other bloggers with the exact same problems. Please see my reply dated June 12:




    Hi pellymade,

    I am sorry to hear that you continue to have the troubles which have been plaguing you, however despite significant efforts on our part, we’ve not been able to replicate any of the problems which you’ve been experiencing. As both Kathryn and Carolyn mentioned, given that when you load your station in safemode, the issues cease, this suggest strongly that something is loading on your PC which is causing the problem. I would recommend checking any other PCs which you have experienced this on to try and narrow down which software is causing this issue.

    At this point there is nothing else which we will be able to do to assist you on this matter. I apologize.



    Hi amightywp,
    thank you for your response
    I would like to repeat to you that I tried the safemode twice and the second time the issues didn’t cease, as you mention above. Here is the excerpt from the other thread (dated june 5th):
    “The second time,
    The infinite scroll worked ok in Reader. BUT, in My Activity > Likes, NO… Plus, I had the usual mutilated and messed up view of the posts I’ve liked. I’ve taken a screen shot, but I can only show you that there is no infinite scroll
    So that sends me back to zero I guess…”

    For me it was a random event, that the first time I tried the safe mode, scroll and likes worked. It is proved so, the second time, when scroll and likes didn’t work.
    I am so sorry that I didn’t get a specific answer to my last reply (or to others, as a matter of fact) in this thread.
    I know that you are busy people, but out of the 6-7 problems I mentionned here, I only got an answer for the least significant one (the duplicate posts)…

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