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    So over the last few weeks, I’ve had to put up with not being able to fully use WordPress in Chrome. If I want to read the blogs I follow, I have to open up Internet Explorer. It seems my Chrome is plagued with some weirdness that causes a line to appear across the midsection rendering everything above the line untouchable, and everything below just fine.

    I’ve just posted a screenshot of the error to Twitter, to see if any friends have any ideas. Both windows are set to the same page —!/read/following — but, even if Reader loads fully, Chrome is stuck with that line making things unclickable, while IE runs perfectly. Not quite what I expect…

    Has anyone else experienced this? Is it just me? Is there a quick fix, or am I stuck shifting out to IE anytime I want to discover something new with the Reader?


    Chrome: Version 23.0.1271.97 m
    OS: Windows 7, SP1



    I had this happen a while back and had almost forgotten about it, as mine is functioning quite ok again, with no glitches..

    I had stopped using it for a few days, (quite a while back now) had switched to safari and then started using it again, everything was fine.

    Maybe, I also think I disabled and / or deleted many extensions as well.. Google sometimes offers too many now I’m not sure which one it was that I had deleted that I had the reader issue resolved, so perhaps just check your extensions… trial and error..

    Hope this helps




    Actually have just remembered, it was a toolbar actually, one that a fave torrent of mine supplies.. also a twitter updater in the toolbar… so got rid of them :)


    Trial and error with my extensions worked. Turned out to be an old news aggregator I hardly ever use — turning it off, I won’t miss it. Problem solved, and I can return to enjoying other people’s blogs in Chrome!

    Thanks very much! You’ve made my day!



    So happy Frank, you have also ‘made my day’ with your compliment! All the very best. :)

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