Reader not receiving confirmation email when subscribing to blog via email

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    I have a reader who is trying to subscribe to my blog via an email subscription. She has tried several times to sign up, but never receives a confirmation email form WordPress. She has scoured all her folders and the spam box and found nothing. I don’t know how to help her…any suggestions? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    Does this person have a username account here? If so what is the username please? I tagged this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.



    And, if they don’t have an account here, what is the email address?


    Hi, Timethief. No, she is not a user, just a follower of my blog. I am subscribed to this topic and look forward to staff’s response. Macmanx, I’m sorry, I don’t think it’s appropriate to give out one of my readers email addresses and I’m not sure it would help anyway. I’ve checked all my followers lists and she is not on it.



    I’ll need the email to address to find where the problem is.


    Ok, mac, but please tell me when you’ve got it so I can take it down. It is [removed]



    That particular user already subscribed to the blog two years ago, which is why she’s not receiving a new confirmation email.

    She should already be receiving posts via email, though they may be winding up in her spam folder.


    Thanks, Mac. I really appreciate your checking this out. I asked her and she said yes, she had been subscribed before. She told me she had the posts going into a specific folder set up in her email account. One day the computer crashed and the folder disappeared. She hasn’t been able to get my posts ever since and has scoured her spam box with no luck. Obviously this wasn’t a problem with Word Press, but is there any way we can unsubscribe her so she can re-subscribe?



    FIrst I’d ask her to see if the emails are winding up in the right place in her Gmail webmail. If they are, then it’s probably just a misconfiguration in her email client application, which we really can’t help with.


    That’s the thing – she’s not receiving them at all, in any folder, anywhere in her Gmail. Is it possible for her to unsubscribe if she doesn’t receive the posts, or can someone from WP unsubscribe her from that end? I can’t do anything because I don’t even see her as a subscriber when I open my email followers list. Thanks



    Sure, she’s unsubscribed now.


    Excellent! Thank you so much, Mac! I know she will be very happy to hear it!



    You’re welcome!

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