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Reader not showing the blogs I follow

  1. I have the app for wordpress on my IPad3 but it won't show me the blogs I follow (granted only 4 of them at the moment). I didn't want to get the emails and then saw that there should be a way to just read them straight through the app. I don't want to have to load up the webpage through safari all the time. I prefer the speed of the app. Is there something I am missing or something wrong with the app? I was under the impression I just clicked onto the app and then pages, that should load all the blogs I follow I presumed....?
    Blog url:

  2. So no response from anywhere despite the number of threads on this. Massively annoyed right now

  3. Seriously is there no help on this. I am trying to fix it and It won't work. Any help

  4. Creating another thread will not help when it comes to getting Staff support for any issue.

  5. Would you like to try using the https:// log-in (assuming you aren't already using it) and see it that resolves your issue?

  6. I can access the readers diopter safari and can see the blogs I follow but can't through the WordPress app

    That was what I wanted to know was if the pages tab on the app is supposed to show the blogs I follow because I can't Fonda straight answer.

    Surely I don't need to open the main site through safari every time I want to read the blogs I follow

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