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    This time the wheel just keeps spinning around and around. The page won’t load at all. Has been this way for a while. All the other pages are working sort of okay, except I’m getting those weird stats messages again and that page loads slowly.

    The blog I need help with is



    It should be working now. Please try again, and if don’t see anything different, please try clearing your browser’s cache:


    FYI—I am experiencing the same problem. Right this minute. AND has been this way since approx 10:00 this morning (Eastern time)–that would be over four hours….None of the apps under the “W” seem to be working–Reader…Notifications…etc. When I go to the pull-down and select Reader or Notifications the site locks up–can’t back out either. Have to shut down browser and start over…Cleared cache and cookies several times..



    Can you please tell us which browser (and version of) you’re using?



    @macmanx, thank you for the response – while I have you here, I should mention that I’ve had serious ongoing problems with Stats, Reader and sometimes just the entire blog in general.

    Last time I posted I was told by Timethief and one other volunteer that, in essence, WordPress does not work with Internet Explorer, the browser is achaic and dying and anyway I should just switch to Firefox or else I’m just begging to have these problems last forever.

    A WP staffer answered that basically it would help if I switched temporarily to Firefox just to see if this was an issue with my blog.

    Since WP began the infinite scroll and killed the old stats and Blog Surfer, nothing has worked right. Now photos aren’t loading either.

    I’m extremely disappointed with the answer that WP only works with one browser. The reader and stats problem has come up intermittenly for months and months, and as you know it’s not just me.

    Can these issues please be addressed?


    IE9; DSL; Sony Laptop; Vista Home Premium……
    I have been using this setup since I started this blog about two months ago….never any problems until today. Issue started after you folks changed the log-in page.



    Nope, it’s not working. At all. Already cleared the cache.



    We actually work with all of the browsers listed at

    We rarely have issues reported in IE 9 unless it’s a temporary glitch or IE 9 is running in compatibility mode (which renders everything as IE 7).

    If you’re having that many issues in IE 9, please try disabling all of your browser add-ons and make sure that you aren’t in compatibility mode. If that works, the problem is more than likely one of your add-ons.

    If that doesn’t work, try checking from IE 9 on a different computer.

    howardpeacock, are you running IE 9 in compatibility mode? If so, please try disabling that.



    @macmanx I’ll try that with the browser add ons. I always check compatibility mode however I actually MUST have it turned on to load photos. This is regardless of which computer I’m on (home computer, laptop) which all have IE9.


    Not in compatibility mode.

    Like I said, this setup was working fine until a few hours ago. I can still log-in but not through If I go direct via my blog url ( I can get in. I can access my blog and the dashboard, but not Reader or Notifications or any of the other links under the “W” pull down.



    Also many people with Firefox are reporting stats and Reader not working. Many people in general. Isn’t it possible it’s a WordPress problem? Or should I just be shopping for a new blog?

    I really wanted to pay for extra services but I’m hearing from paid subscribers that they’re having the same issues.



    Isn’t it possible it’s a WordPress problem?

    Yes, but troubleshooting helps us narrow down the problem. Also, I haven’t seen anyone with Firefox report this yet. Where are those threads at?



    I’d have to sift through dozens of forum posts to answer that Macmanx, I don’t bookmark them. I guess you can take my word for it, or not.

    I agree about troubleshooting – the reason I’m frustrated is that I get the same answer every single time I post about this. Timethief saying “you should just switch to Firefox already”. That is NOT a good answer. This problem has been arising intermittenly for months now.

    I would love to see the WP daily blog posts address issues like this (you guys could ask in the comment for how many Firefox users were having problems). Even the Vox people wrote posts addressing widespread glitches, and they were total scumbags (they shut down the entire site with 2 weeks notice to bloggers).

    Just a simple “hey homies we know there’s an issue and we’re working on it” would go a long way in restoring faith in WordPress. I know that’s not something I’ve heard from anyone as of yet – all I hear is that I should switch browsers.



    Last time I posted I was told by Timethief and one other volunteer that, in essence, WordPress does not work with Internet Explorer …

    What I said is here >



    The Staff response (jackiedana) is here:

    … The team strongly recommends that all of our users update to the most recent version of their preferred choice of browser, be it Safari, Chrome, Firefox or IE (or even some of the others out there), so that all of our features and options function properly. If you choose not to upgrade, that’s totally okay (and sometimes, depending on your computer and operating system limitations, it’s a necessity) but be aware that some things may not perform optimally if you use an old browser to view our site.



    No one is forcing you to switch browsers. As stated several times, we work with all browser listed at including IE 9.

    We would just appreciate your help in troubleshooting this, and to do that we politely ask that you attempt to load the Reader in Firefox or Chrome and let us know if you see any difference.

    This will narrow down the possible causes from about 100 to about 10, thus shortening the time it takes to investigate and fix.

    If you don’t want to, I understand, but please hang in there while we gather more data elsewhere and look into the issue.



    Macmanx – well thank you for the response, and the encouragement. I do like WP very much, don’t get me wrong. The issue in our house is that the primary computer (the only one that really works well) is actually my boyfriend’s office computer; he’s a tech guy. He really doesn’t want Firefox installed on it. But he’s willing to if I insist; which seems sort of trivial since it’s not for my job or anything critical.

    Anyway, I’ll blow him off and try Firefox. The blog does mean a lot to me. I just don’t see it making much of a difference since dozens of people have now complained about exactly the same issue. Did any of them switch to Firefox diagnostically and now the problem is suddenly gone?

    If I try Firefox I’ll have to use it for at least a week as the problem is intermittent and I’m not always home.

    I will hang in there. Thank you for the responses, I do appreciate it.


    I appreciate the back and forth here, but…..It DOES seem a little odd that MY problem started this morning (well, late last night actually…) with absolutely NO changes to my system at all. Been working perfectly up until now…. Can anyone tell me why or how that could happen??


    I have been having the same problem since this morning and have checked with a few friends and they are having the same prob too. I am experiencing the same problem. None of the apps under the “W” seem to be working–Reader…Notifications…etc. When I go to the pull-down and select Reader or Notifications the site locks up–can’t back out
    My site is



    @howardpeacock and thecourseofourseasons

    (1) How are are connecting to the internet and to

    I’m asking because the way you connect to the internet (mobile, satellite, DSL, dial-up) and to your blog, and how many proxy server jumps etc. it takes to connect can cause problems. There maybe be problems with your ISP and/or with the proxy servers. Also note that the main dashboard isn’t designed to work with touch devices through the tablet and smartphone browsers.

    (2) Exactly which browser and version of it are you using. If you don’t know click here to find out > and then post the resluts you get here.

    (3) Have you tried?
    clearing your browser cache and cookies >
    using the browser with all extensions or add-ons disabled
    confirming third party cookies are enabled
    updating the browser to the latest stable version (not a buggy BETA browser version)

    Note: If you are running IE9 in compatibility mode then be aware that it renders as IE7 and IE7 is not supported.

    (4) Are you logging in using the secure https:// log-in? see

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