Reader not working again.

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    macrocritters, that is a separate issue. Would you please open a new thread?


    Correction…I can log in by typing the URL, but my blog is still black.




    Yes, please open a new thread for that. It’s not the issue we’re discussing here.



    I guess it switched auto like – I just put the tracert and hit return then started mumbling when I could not copy the text from the little box


    Yes, when I ran the trace it auto switched the destination as you see it.

    Sorry it took so long—couldn’t save it to text file for some reason–had to transcribe by hand (it’s accurate though).



    By the way this is my laptop and it’s not working at all. Won’t load any WordPress site except my blog page and this one if I access it from my email each time.



    Thanks for letting us know! We’re still trying to get to the bottom of this.



    @howard try right clicking it and say Select All. Then if you hit the Control-C command just right it will copy it for you.


    I’m having this issue, have been having it all day. I can see my dashboard and my blog, but cannot load or look at my reader or stats. I am on a first gen MacBook using Chrome using Mac OS X 10.5.8. I cleared my cache, and I tried using both Firefox and Safari.

    I could not even log in on those other two browsers since I have to go through the homepage, whereas I am already logged in on Chrome, it being my default. All my software is updated as current as possible, given that Chrome no longer offers further updates for Mac OS X 10.5.

    I don’t know what more I can do on my end to resolve this. Seems to be a wordpress problem and not a user problem. I hope it gets solved soon! I miss checking my reader!


    Thanks for speaking out Elizabeth. I use Chrome, Safari and Firefox on a MacBook. None of the browsers are working for my blog and stats page. I have cleared caches and restarted my computer, as well.



    Now I can’t post either.


    I use Firefox myself on a Toshiba laptop, and I’ve been having the same problem all day as well. I can get to the Dashboard page, but not the Reader or Notifications or Freshly Pressed or anything like that.



    Would you please run a traceroute to and reply with the results?

    If you’re on a Mac, you can do that from the Network Utility at Applications -> Utilities.

    If you’re on Windows, you can do that following this guide:

    Would you please let us know your geographical location and the HTTP headers output (from Firebug or Chrome Developer tools) for resources loaded slow as well?


    I am also having problems loading Stats, Freshly Pressed and Reader. I’ve tried both at work (IE on a PC, not sure which version) and at home (Firefox 14.0.1 on an Acer laptop). There is no discernible difference. In both cases, the wheel just keeps on spinning and spinning.



    Would you please provide the information requested above?


    Where should I e-mail the trace file to?



    I haven’t been able to load the Reader Page all day. My blog: loads just fine.
    First thing I always do is clean cache. Then I switched browsers, from Firefox to Chrome. Then I ran a complete security scan. Then tried it on good old I.E. After all that, Reader Page still won’t load.



    denisediscovers, you can paste it in a reply here, or take a screenshot and upload it via Media -> Add New in your blog’s Dashboard to keep it private.



    kip04, would you please provide the information requested above?


    macmanx, I’ve added it via the Dashboard, with the file name trace

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