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    reader page is what users see when they logon (
    i have found this page is the most confusing one and really it should have been removed and user should go to Dashboard right away

    1) what this page called?
    2) why Blog I follow, Post I like etc are not part of Dashboard then no need for this page
    3) the above link need to be updated, “comment i like” is not an option anymore
    4) I clicked “I like” for one post, now i see that post under “post i like” how can I remove it?

    Again, I just thought it would have been much easier if everything is in one place (Dashboard)

    Thanks a lot for the help in advanced.

    The blog I need help with is



    1) Your homepage after you log in.
    2) Many of those functions used to be in every site’s Dashboard. They were later centralized on the homepage.
    3) OK- the only people who can do so are Staff/Support/Happiness Engineers and they are constantly updating the Support documents. I’m sure it is on their very long “to do” list.
    4) Go back to the post you originally clicked “like” on and in the gray Admin bar at the top of the page you can now click to “unlike” the post.



    Thanks a lot justjennifer for the help.

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