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    Having some trouble with my Reader: namely, that my posts aren’t showing up for me, and other posts people’s are showing up in multiple.

    On the Reader at the moment, I’m seeing five copies of this post from the Daily Gloss (, but my own most recent post ( isn’t showing up.

    It was a scheduled post, and linked back to a previous post I had made, so I got a notification that it had been posted. It’s also showing up on my main blog page, and has received likes, so I’m assuming it’s showing up for other people.

    The post only has six tags and no categories, so that doesn’t seem to be the issue. My timezone is set correctly under Settings. The post is still not showing up for me, though, and because I’m seeing multiples of someone else’s post, I’m wondering if there’s some kind of glitch somewhere.

    Is this something I’ve done, or can someone on the server side of things fix this for me? Any help would be enormously appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    I have followed your blog and I am seeing your latest post up at the top of my reader. Screenshot:


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