Reader, Stats and login problems

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    I consistently get several problems with my WP account and they have been happening for a while. The only solutions I’ve found is to try again later.

    1) Sometimes I can’t login, even with the correct account name and password. If I try again later (maybe 10min, maybe a couple of hours) I can usually login. (It’s definitely not mistyping!)

    2) Sometimes the Reader page won’t load properly. The grey bar at the top of the page appears, and the tabs for New Post / Reader / Notifications etc all appear, but then there’s just a spinning icon underneath. This happens most weeks. Possibly more often than that.

    3) Sometimes the Stats pare won’t load properly. Exactly as for the Reader page.

    A lot of the time I access my account via an iPhone and it’s not a problem, but both Safari (Mac) and Firefox (PC) have the same issues.
    Are these problems related (my gut says they are) and is there anything I can do about them?


    This problem seems to be bot getting better and getting worse.

    Login has been problem free for the last few weeks.
    The Stats page will load properly, except for the bar graph of posts per day. Initially this won’t load, but I found today that if I change from viewing Days to Months, and then back to Days, it displays properly.

    The big problem is still with the Reader.
    Nothing I can do get’s it to display blogs I follow. This is a constant problem and I cannot load this page at all (on a Mac and Safari 5.1.7).
    The only solution I have found is to use my smart phone and the WP app.

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