Reader Topics Being Spammed?

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    My blog works fine, as does Freshly Pressed, and my links to other sites on my Blogroll. However, when I go to the Reader and select “explore topics”, no matter what topic I click on in the cloud, or enter into the search box, I get a whole bunch of SPAM posts displayed as I scroll; Product offers, Posts about Payday Loans, Insurance etc. unrelated to what I’m looking to read. Sometimes they are mixed in with ones I am looking for, sometimes all there is, is the spam.

    Are you guys experiencing some sort of sales-bot attacks, or is it a vulnerability issue I’m somehow causing?

    The blog I need help with is


    It seems to be fixed now. Thanks, guys! (Topic CLOSED)



    You can report spam blogs you see – just mouse over the blog name on the left side of the top gray nav bar and click on “Report This Content” when the drop down happens – choose spam from the pop up and fill in the blank & submit –


    Thank you. Always happy to learn a useful tip. However, when I went back to the blog, the situation had already been fixed.



    It’s not fixed in my reader. I just checked in “writing” under explore topics and there are dozens of spam posts still appearing. This seems more like an issue that WordPress should be addressing—not individual bloggers.



    There are anti-spam measures in place, but if you encounter spam in the Reader, you can report spam right from there. There’s a drop down menu next to the site name.

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