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    I have a reader who is unable to post comments on my blog. She keeps getting an error message saying “You’re posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

    She has been a regular commentator and never had this problem till recently. Nobody else has this problem. She has tried posting from her iphone as well as her laptop, but keeps getting the same msg. And this appears even when she is posting after 24 hours.

    Please help!

    The blog I need help with is



    Tell her to try clearing her browser cache and cookies (on the phone and laptop). You can also check if her comments might not have landed in your spam queue by accident. If so there should be an option for you to mark them as “not spam”.

    Is that reader of yours a user? If so, it might be helpful if she starts her own thread in the forum: as she is the only one of your readers having a problem my guess is the problem is with her account rather than yours. Is she having this problem only with your blog or anywhere she tries to comment?


    Thanks for your response.

    No her comments do not end up in spam, she just keeps getting that error message. After your response, she cleared out her cache and deleted cookies, but was still unable to post. Later. I suggested that she try using a different user name. She changed it to all lower case, and this allowed her to post 4 comments, but now again she is stuck.

    No, she is not wordpress user, and the blog is not set up for the readers to start threads, I post a piece and the rest of the readers comment on that, posting their responses as replies.

    This is the only blog she comments on, so we wouldn’t know if similar problem exists with other blogs as well.

    I have contacted other readers and nobody else is reporting a similar problem.

    Any other suggestions, solutions would be very welcome.




    I’ve recently seen threads reporting this problem, but I tried searching and can’t find one that gives a solution. I’ll tag this thread for staff. They might know what’s causing it. Please make sure you’re subscribed to this thread and then be patient while waiting for a response.


    Thank you so much!

    Really appreciate your help. Hope somebody can help fix this issue. Will be waiting to hear back.



    Hello there!

    Sorry to hear about this. Can you tell me user name of the reader so I can look into this further? If you can ask her to try posting a comment on a different Internet connection, that might help too. Let me know how that goes. Thanks!



    Thanks for responding.

    My reader, who comments as FA, has been trying various permutations of her user name to see if that works. “fa” was working but after 4 comments she got the same response. She waited 24 hours and posted another one as fa lasted night and it worked and she hasn’t posted since then.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that this problem, whatever it might have been, has resolved, and this issue will not recur when she posts multiple comments again. I will keep you posted.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could keep me updated if you figure out the issue with the user name. This way I will know how to fix the problem when and if it occurs with another user.





    I can see fa’s recent comment and looks like it was posted while on a different ip address from her previous ones. I’m cautiously optimistic that might have done the trick, but let me know if this continues to be a problem. Thanks!

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