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Reader Update

  1. "The apps most often follow the web updates, but not always." Fair enough, seems like it will proliferate then.

    "The gradient you are seeing is the placeholder before an image is loaded.", hmm, not convinced this was the case, the images I am talking about were up to several days old, using VDSL and a reasonable speed, Win 7 with a Chrome browser, clean cache. However I cannot reproduce this now, suspect a refresh was missing somewhere as scrolling can reproduce it still, fixed in dev?

    "To try testing this, I opened the photography tag page" I tried to reproduce this the following day without success, fixed in dev?

    I would like to say that I do not like how the reader presents my photos, it was better for me, and a number of others by the looks of it, before the change. Notably single portrait photos are still very poorly represented in my opinion. And so to the crux of the matter, I would appear to have the choice of embracing the new reader and carrying on, or changing to another platform. Why should I not do the latter?

  2. new reader changes suck - compressed images so I can't tell what the image is supposed to be - guess a new traffic gimic - you need to click on the image to see if it is worth looking at or what the heck it is

    yet another fail

  3. Please visit my wordpress and give some comments :)

  4. shelbycourtland

    Reader? What reader? My reader is a pulsing grey and white screen and that is all. Since the new updates, my 'reader' has been a no-show. How is this an improvement and I have been asking for help in the forums four times and to date, received none, nada, zilch.

  5. I am having exactly the same problem as Shelby describes when l try to read blogs l follow - just pulsing grey blocks on a white background as though it cannot load. However, the tags seem to load OK except occasionally l get the first few then the pulsing grey blocks start. This problem has developed recently so l assume it is a by product of you trying to fix other issues.

  6. huntsclubhouse

    My reader is NOT properly loading my pics. I put ONE main pic in my post yet in the reader it does NOT show it. At all! So most will not even notice the post without a Picture! Not cool! This is my SECOND attempt to get some answers...I hope someone will address this ASAP!

  7. Before you updated the WordPress reader, you could make it so readers had to go to your actual blog to read a post instead of being able to read it in the reader. Is there a way I can do this again?

  8. Before you updated the WordPress reader, you could make it so readers had to go to your actual blog to read a post instead of being able to read it in the reader. Is there a way I can do this again?

  9. I'll start by saying I shouldn't be allowed on a computer without assistance, however that said.
    It was interesting to read about the update because:
    1. When I try to reply on Reader at some stages the site feels the need to show me my Notifications status half-way through my typing a reply; then forgets what we were doing and I have to start again.
    2. Sometimes it loses interest in what I am typing, forgets, and insist I go back to the original notification and start again.
    3. Decides whatever I might have to say can be of no possible interest to anyone and doesn't give me the opportunity to reply.

    In addition the site is very severe with me. If I do not look at notifications at least every hour it grows very cross. When I scroll down the posts it will again get bored with the process and not move for a while. Then when I do find where I was it plays tricks by slipping back making me suppose a contributor has posted the same post several times.

    I suspect these are all teething problems which arise whenever something new is introduced and I shall preserve.
    If however any one can enlighten by dim mid-20th century brain over something is obvious to a more modern person I would be grateful.

    And I shall on record that I do perversely enjoy WP.

  10. shelbycourtland

    Yet another update of the 'reader' and now the reader is worse than it was before the original updates. Whatever Worstpress has done this time, it has cleared my tags and now I have got to post my tags of blogs I want to read about such as 'politics', 'poetry', etc., again.

    What is so wrong with the reader that you continuously need to make improvements that are not improvements? I cannot access the reader AGAIN!

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