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Readers can't leave comments

  1. I've gotten emails telling me that, when readers try to leave comments on my site, they can't get to an operative form for comments. Is this a WordPress problem or specific to my blog? If the former, will WordPress fix it soon? If the latter, what can I do to fix it?

  2. It's Internet Explorer - and the form is there but right at the bottom of the page.
    Try removing some of the larger images in the sidebar?

  3. Hey - how did you get that ring of conservative sites thing in there? What widget are you using?

  4. Vivianpaige: First, you have to join the Ring of Conservative sites (you can link to it and find an application through my blog). She'll give you a Code and I simply entered it in a text box -- and it worked! Big surprise, since so many Codes that I got in Blogger don't work in WordPress.

  5. Thank you, Podz.

  6. bookworm - lib that I am, I was just curious about how you placed the code :) Wasn't sure if it was a text box or not.

  7. Vivian, it's a text widget. Says so in the page source.

  8. drmike - I have no idea how to look at the page source. Can you tell me?

  9. Is there a Ring of Moderate Democrats? lol

  10. Vivian, the option should be under your View menu within your broswer or try doing a right click in a blank spot within the page and looking for something like "View Source." If you tell me your browser, I can walk you through it.

  11. I'm using Mozilla 1.7.12. I think I found the view page source. Had no idea that info was there. (Of course, I only have a little idea of what I'm looking at, being a newbie with HTML.) Thanks! Now perhaps I can figure out how other people do things.

  12. I didn't know how to turn on a computer two years ago. lol You'll eventually learn and get the hang of it. Either ask others for help or Google it to find information. I spent weeks trying to find on Google how to make a clickable image for my last blog. But I found it! Also Google html codes or html tags. Those might help.

  13. Vivian, what I normally do when I'm looking through page source is do a search for text near the item in question.

    For example:

    Up above we're talking about the One True Ring, oh excuse me. I mean the "Ring of Conservative Sites." When I view the page source, I do a search for that text and see what's around there. You'll note that one the line above it is a div tag labeled:

    <div class="textwidget">

    Hope this helps,

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