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Readers can't log in with usual name in order to comment

  1. This is an email I received which indicates a recurring problem some of my blog readers experience:

    Word Press isn't being my friend again. I tried posting and it will not accept my post saying I am not logged in. When I log in, it tells me I have the incorrect information so I requested them to send it to me. Same thing as I am trying to log in as. This has happened before and it took a few days to get it to work.

    This problem is a real turn-off for my blog readers! Readers are changing their log in names in order to comment and I'm losing touch with who they are.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Staff have made changes to the commenting system. You can read about them here >

    There are also some additional details re: the recent update to commenting available at

    This may also be helpful >

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