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    what happened to readers choice, does anyone know?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve been here for nearly 7 years now and I don’t know what “reader’s choice” is. Please expand.


    It was a brief wordpress initiative – bloggers could submit their own work and one blog a day was featured (unlike freshly pressed where you have no input yourself) didn’t last long though and if I try to find it now I get an error message saying ‘private blog’ ?!

    I thought it was a great idea but probably they were swamped and couldn’t keep up..



    I imagine it was swamped if there was no criteria for posting.

    if I try to find it now I get an error message saying ‘private blog’ ?!

    So you already have yopur answer.


    umm no but thanks :-)



    The answer is the blog is now private and you cannot access it without being invited to become an official user of the blog.


    Thanks timethief but it was started by wordpress themselves for all members! And I have work on there so that doesn’t make sense :-)

    I think they have closed it due to being overwhelmed but I’d like to hear from a wordpress admin person..



    I don’t see any record of Staff starting such a blog. I have been here answering questions just a few days short of 7 years. That is years longer than most staff have been on staff.


    k thanks



    I have been searching. Could you possily be referring to this?

    Nominate your favorite blogger for an interview and profile on The Daily Post.


    no but thanks :-) don’t worry



    Okay :)

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