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Readers oh readers where are you?

  1. Okay, so I admit. I am only an hour or so in on this, but how can I get readers? Unfortunately patience isn't my strong point. I'd love to find some fun or captivating blogs from other readers. Please give me the scoop.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Keep posting articles!!! :)

  3. Hi from one noob to another. I like the minimalist theme that begins with a question, "Who am I in this great big world"? If you are like me, you started in the Showcase section to see what others are doing and noticed that a lot of people try too hard. The best advice I have read about blogging is not to try, just write to write. Develop a page over time, like a journal. Learn new stuff and update your pages format with that special Think it takes a bit of an exhibisionist personallity to bear your soul to a journal the whole world can see but the benefit is: Even if nobody else ever reads it, at least you got to know and develop yourself in a new way. So my formula for blogging is really pretty simple. Write one journal entry every day from the heart and read/reply to a couple other peoples. Nice to meet you.

  4. I’m only finding my feet here as well but I’ll share what I found thus far.

    Unfortunately it boils down to content and patience. My readership is microscopic at the moment (two months in) but I’m really having fun making posts. My advice would be to blog for yourself at the moment and don’t look at the stats (easier said than done I know).

  5. harrythehandyman

    @ jspez888 , 1 post and you want readers :) wait until you have about 20 posts and the search engines pick you up in about 2 or 3 months , thats if you linked to them :)

    @thelastexplorer , i think you should put the " read more " button in , there is to much scrolling with the front page being so long


  6. I have not yet had anyone comment on any of my postings yet. I honestly don't know if anyone has read them. Do you think if you right about personal issues strangers tend to stay away. I have been meaning to post it on facebook for everyone to read but I think I am scared to think of what will be said.

  7. @Harry You're totally right, that's been bugging me for ages. How does one go about doing that?

    @Kelly. I understand that completely, that’s why my page isn’t that introspective. It’s something I can have a bit of fun with. Facebooking it would be a great way to get views, a friend of mine does it. I don’t know why but I prefer to keep my scribbles separate from my personal life and think it makes it easier to be objective about things and write what you really feel.

  8. harrythehandyman

    @kellyroberts , never worry what others will say :)

    @thelastexplorer , this link will explain

    my other site you might want to join for help :)

  9. Harry you're handier than a swiss army knife. Cheers for the help and I'm checking out your blog now.

  10. My readership (small but mighty) are my friends and family from Facebook and twitter. Here is where I am starting and little by little I do get readers from search engines and or my posts come up as "related articles" to others' posts. Start with people who love and know you and little by little they will tell others about a great blog, yours :) Happy blogging.

  11. harrythehandyman

    @ trianingupmyboys , nice blog and content but i would say the same to you as i did with the last explorer about the " read more " button if you read the last 5 posts above , harry

  12. It takes a while, folks. I was up to about 200 hits a day when I had to go off-line for a while due legal advice. I'm now back and it is taking a while to build up again. I'm back up around the 50 - 60 per day mark, but clearly I lost some of my regular following when I went off-line.

    Definitely link to the search engines, although Yahoo is pretty hopeless. Use your tags well too.

  13. Hi, I will gladly check out your blog. Now can I shamelessly ask you to check mine as well? I am obsessed with the stats! (Still only a few days old in this blog world!) Cheers! John

  14. @harrythehandyman I saw that you wrote that to the last explorer. I thought that was a great idea. How do I do that? I want to. Thank you.

  15. @harrythehandyman oops! Just saw the help link you placed earlier. Thank you.

  16. rmartinezvlzqz

    My recommendations

    1) Friends. Start with your friends. Connect to Facebook and Twitter,
    2) Links. Use links in your post to other blogs or sites. Search engines notice connections. People linked get notified and can be notified.
    3) Categories & Tags. Make your blog search engine friendly.
    4) WordPress Community. Become actives in the community, read and comment.
    5) Other Communities. Become active in other communities Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon. Open account, follow other, read, comment, learn and share. People from the community will start visiting your blog.
    6) Challenges. Participate in challenges by other blogger.
    7) Post Frequently. More content more visits.
    8) Have Fun. Most importantly enjoy yourself and have fun writing of something that really like.

    I'm enjoying writing my blog, I'm meeting a lot of nice people all around, it is really nice. My blog is just a month old and it is about learning and sharing. As I learn more I'll keep sharing. I don't know if my traffic is good but I'm satisfied right now and looking forward to increasing it little by little but always having fun.

  17. @jspez888
    I have blogged for over 6 years now and if you click my username you will arrive in my blogging tips blog where you will find a large collection of over 500 posts focused on providing information for bloggers who are intent on on becoming a better blogger, building a better blog, and effective blog promotion. Below are some tips I have extracted from posts under my copyright that have been published in that blog.

    Traffic builders checklist - consider employing these traffic building strategies:
    * creating and publishing pillar posts that provide timeless content for readers in your niche
    * using anchor text in your recent posts to deep link to your earlier related posts
    * learning basic SEO techniques for on page optimization and applying them to your posts, images
    * joining online groups and forums related to your niche or topic
    * creating and offering free newsletters and/or ebooks
    * submitting press releases
    * creating podcasts and videos for your readers
    * guest blogging on blogs with higher PageRanks than your own blog
    * inviting guest bloggers to create guest posts you can publish on your blog
    * submitting articles to sites that accept free articles and provide backlinks
    * participating in blog carnivals

    Promote your blog and your posts
    * Write well and publish regularly. Keeping your blog updated with fresh and informative content will maintain reader interest.
    * Reply to every comment as this may encourage more comments from the same readers and from others who have yet to comment.
    * Be cautious about reciprocal linking and be very selective when choosing related blogs to link to (link to high authority blogs in the same niche that your own blog is in) and keep your blogroll updated.
    * Be aware of your subscribers and subscribe to the feeds on their related blogs.
    * Comment, comment, comment and comment.
    * Backlink to posts published by faithful readers wherever possible in post of your own.
    * Create a social media time management strategy and stick to it.
    * Use a Recent Comments widget to showcase those readers who leave the most recent comments.
    *Create a Frequent Commenters widget to showcase those who leave the most comments.
    * Promote and support the promotions of the blogs of your faithful readers within this community and beyond it on soocial media sites and on social networking sites.

    Twenty five steps for increasing blog traffic in house blog promotion

  18. harrythehandyman

    @TT , as usual great post with plenty of help and advice , i have goggled " whats on " in belfast/N.Ireland and there are no blog carnivals dates , where do i find one :) i'm looking for a day out :)

  19. Hi there Harry,
    Top 'o the day to you. A Blog Carnival may not be what you think it is. See here > >

  20. harrythehandyman

    thanks TT i'll go through it , that was my attempt at humor :)

  21. I'm sorry I didn't get it Harry. My sense of humor is as dry as melba toast. :D

  22. harrythehandyman

    @TT , but your smile makes up for it :)

  23. rmartinezvlzqz

    @TT the experience shows...I also like to find some carnavals or challenges...the only I know right now is the Bilungual Blogging Carnaval which is receiving submissions unitl March 5, 2011. Here is the contact person: [email redacted]

    Also wondering how you go about offering to guest blog and inviting to guest blog. I have no idea who to approach.

  24. 1. Do Google searches to locate for high quality blogs in the same niche your own blog is in that accept guest posts.
    2. Read all the posts on guest posting you find in blogs with high authority in the same niche your own blog that accept guest posts and any static pages they have on guest posting requirements.
    3. Submit meaningful comments to blogs with high authority in the same niche your own blog is in that accept guest posts for several months.
    4. Promote the posts of the blogs with high authority in the same niche your own blog is in that accept guest posts for several months.
    5. By then you will have established relationships with the bloggers who keep those blogs.
    5. Contact the bloggers and ask if theyr would wlecome a guest post from you.

    P.S. If you wish you can join

  25. I apologize for the typos. :(

  26. rmartinezvlzqz

    Thanks!! I will start the search and the months of participation. Hopefully, I'll be able to guest blog in some time.

  27. You're welcome and best wishes. Something I forgot to mention wmove is that it's not only comments that help create relationships. It's actually backlinking to existing posts on in blogs with high authority in the same niche your own blog is in that do get attention.

    When I see a newbie has entered the same niche my blog is in and is crawling my blog and publishing on the same topics but no backlinks to my posts appear in their posts I take note of that behavior. Blogging is both competitive and cooperative and unless newbies learn the correct protocol they won't be around six months to a year from now. You can mark my words on that.

  28. @TT - love your helpful hints, but I think I am the only person in my niche - if you come across any others in your travels, please let me know!

    @Harry - I started off splitting my posts, then gave up - I'm not sure of the benefit? Would you care to expand?

  29. harrythehandyman

    @ teamoyeniyi , i just think a few of them are to long and you have to scroll to much to get to the bottom one

  30. @teamoyeniyi
    Thank you for the kind words. :) If I do run across a blog with content similar to yours I most certainly will contact you.

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