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    I’m a new blogger, so this may be a dumb question, but so far no one has been able
    to post/upload comments to any of my postings. I’ve tried it too, and get the same
    results. Should I try a different theme, or would this not make any difference; I
    sort of like the one I’ve got.


    The comment shows, their is a bug in the system which is making it not show the amount of people who comment on the homepage send a feedback : )



    I’m not aware of a bug in the system pertaining to this theme ocadia. I do know that one person who uses a regulus theme and who wishes to moderate all comments is not receiving email notifications of comments beingmade but that is a completely different issue.

    Are you sure that you have set the backend of your blog up correctly up to accept comments on your discussion page?

    dashboard >> options >> discussion >> then mark the appropriate settings and when you’re done go to the bottom right hand side and click update options.

    hope this helps :)



    I made a comment. Worked fine. I see other comments as well.

    What theme were you using? I see that you’re now using Quentin. Was that what you were using?

    I can’t see how it would be theme dependant though…

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