Readers, users and contributors in proteced blog sign-ups

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    I’ve made a protected blog for limited readership. I’m inviting professional ‘users’ who I’d like to migrate through ‘reader only’ to ‘contributor’ and beyond. Signing them up has been a bit complicated.

    First there seem to be two separate processes – by invite or by adding existing WP member.

    The former seems to default to ‘contributor’ eg can draft posts and also the check-box for User Only is easy to miss.

    Within the latter there’s also add by email or add by user name. Add by user name seems to default to ‘reader-only’. Add by email seems to default to ‘contributor’.

    Confused? I am!

    Oh and both routes cause strange glitches at the bottom of my Invites page – with web links or parts of web links appearing in the third column. Also in one case ‘not used’ appears where the a/c is in fact used.

    And where are all authorised users of a protected blog listed together? My Autors % Users [headed Users] page doesn’t list all sign-ups – is it just invited sign-ups? It doesn’t list all those either – but the missing one is the ine shown as Not Used…

    My impression is that sign-ups to protected blogs might deserve a Help page of its own. The thing is, to get people hooked up the process needs to be super-simple.

    Really fantastic tool – definitely something odd here though!

    The blog I need help with is



    I agree. I bumped into this problem as well and I could not solve it yet.



    Have you considered approaching Staff with your feedback? Although they do monitor from threads it’s primarily Volunteers who respond to these threads and we do not create policy nor do we update support documentation – Staff do those things.

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